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Advocacy & Industry Policy

QTIC is the state peak body for tourism. We are a not-for-profit membership organisation representing members' interests - both large and small - and maintain strong industry representation in all relevant forums. QTIC is owned and governed by the industry through member based councils, boards and committees. QTIC reflects the views of the industry at all levels throughout Queensland and works closely with the media, key federal and state government agencies, Ministers and officials. As the industry's principle advocacy force, QTIC is constantly before governments seeking the best outcome for tourism and for Queensland.
DestinationQ is a partnership agreement between the Queensland Government and the state's tourism industry (represented by Queensland Tourism Industry Council) which recognises tourism as one of the four pillars of the economy.
List of QTIC Policy Submissions
One of QTIC's objectives is to give the state’s tourism sector a unified voice in all important negotiations and policy-making processes which could impact on the welfare of the communities that rely on tourism. QTIC is heavily involved in collaborating with industry and providing a voice for the industry.
QTIC is involved in numerous industry committees to ensure appropriate participation in all areas relating to tourism issues.

Industry Development - Business Support

QTIC has partnered with BoysTown to secure employment for 150 long-term unemployed Indigenous job seekers from South East Queensland.
The QTIC Tourism Indigenous Employment Champions Network increases operator’s awareness of how to encourage and maintain increased participation of Indigenous Australians within mainstream tourism businesses, which is delivered through a series of networking events and opportunities, and a team of volunteer champions.
Tourism accreditation
QTIC promotes accreditation standards to tourism businesses, assists businesses identify appropriate accreditation programs, supports businesses with their accreditation including accessing business development programs and resources, and works with stakeholder to facilitate the uptake of accreditation by tourism businesses.
Ready, Set, Go! mobile app
The Ready, Set, Go! mobile app is an invaluable tool for tourism businesses to get prepared for severe weather events and help them manage their business in times of crisis.
Tourism Pathways
This user-friendly website allows you to access a range of different programs to support your Queensland tourism business.
Staff Management Tool Kit
QTIC is linking with key HR experts from all sectors of the tourism industry to create resources that will enable all businesses to facilitate better HR management.
QTIC Business & Mindset Barometer
The QTIC Business Barometer and QTIC Mindset Barometer is a diagnostic tool which provides an objective organisational assessment and evaluation report.
Visitor Safety
This Water Safety Handbook has been updated as part of the ongoing priority that Tourism Industry stakeholders have towards achieving the aim of 'Zero water deaths' held by the Queensland Visitor Safety Working Group.
Templates to Assist Employers with Staff Management
Here are some free, handy, downloadable templates to help tourism and hospitality industry businesses improve staffing management. Developed by industry for industry, the following resources can be easily adapted by businesses to suit their own needs.

Industry Development - Training

QTIC Workforce Capacity is the industry skills body for Queensland's tourism and hospitality industry. Workforce Capacity is Queensland's lead agency in addressing workforce challenges, guiding government policy and influencing public funding for training.
The Registered Trade Skills Pathway (RTSP) enables current casual cooks to up-skill and gain the SIT30713 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.
Career Information
Jobs in Tourism and Hospitality - find out how to employ the best people or place an advertisement for your positions vacant.
The annual QTIC Salute to Excellence Award provides an opportunity for Queensland state and non-state secondary schools to have their tourism, cookery and food and beverage students recognised for outstanding achievement.
The QTIC Tourism & Hospitality Best Practice Guide provides guidelines for Tourism Industry employers on how to recruit, train and create an engaged and motivated workforce.
QTIC's Workforce Development Plan is used to inform the work carried out under the DestinationQ partnership agreement. QTIC will also use the Plan in our approach to addressing a range of labour and skills issues on behalf of the Queensland tourism and hospitality sectors.
QTIC delivered Skills Advisory services to Queensland tourism and hospitality businesses through the Workforce Futures program in partnership with Service Skills Australia.
Training Framework
From VET to traineeships through to apprenticeships QTIC can help advise on these areas.
Following the Workforce Development Plan, QTIC has identified the need to provide professional development activities for trainers and assessors in the vocational education sector. Discussion has also been held as to how QTIC might provide better value for money to its members and offering PD opportunities may address this need.
QTIC's Mature Age Project raises industry awareness of the ageing population and promote the benefits of older workers (45 years and above).
Tourism Volunteering Portal
The tourism volunteering portal provides a central point for travellers, new and experienced volunteers to find out about upcoming volunteering opportunities in tourism destinations or their local tourism industry.
QTIC encourages employers to take advantage of various options and tap into overseas labour pools and remain cognisant of changes to immigration policies.

Industry Engagement

Special Interest Groups
QTIC's Special Interest Groups enable you to receive tailored information relevant to your business and interests. Become an active member and join these groups to ensure you get the latest updates and have your voice heard!
Associations Council
QTIC's Associations Council consists of highly diverse industry sector bodies who meet bi-monthly to discuss state-wide issues of significance.
QTIC coordinates the network of Queensland's 13 Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO) by attending regular meetings and providing a secreteriat function. This affords QTIC the opportunity to report on state and federal policy issues while enabling the organisation to draw on the significant regional expertise among the group.
The Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay committee - a sub-committee under the QTIC Board - is responsible for enhancing representation within this sector and identifying opportunities for the growth of the sector.
Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) has implemented a Drive Alliance committee designed to inform the implementation of the Queensland Government’s Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy 2013 – 2015 and address other Queensland drive tourism issues. The QTIC Drive Alliance is a sub-committee which sits under the QTIC Board.
The QTIC Young Professionals Mentoring Program allows a competitive edge for employees in the industry who are 35 years or younger to gain professional development, knowledge and skills through the sharing of information and experience with a matched senior industry professional.
QTIC continues to achieve our vision as “The Voice of Tourism” through a strong media presence across local, state, national and international media. QTIC understands the importance of maintaining tourism’s public profile through exposure across traditional and digital outlets.
QTIC social media channels provide information, updates and industry news relating to members and the wider Queensland tourism industry.
QTIC members receive a monthly eNewsletter featuring the latest news, event listings and industry announcements. Members can access archived newsletters here.