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2018 Research Reports

  • Building a resilient tourism industry: Queensland climate change response plan (May 2018): In partnership with Griffith Institute for Tourism and the Department of Environment and Science, we developed the first industry-led climate adaptation plan. The plan considers all tourism stakeholders' role in building resilience and adapting to our changing climate. Climate change is everyone's business, now is the time to act

  • Travelling with Cryptocurrency: A guide for Queensland tourism stakeholders (May 2018): Students from the University of Queenslland have developed a cryptocurrancy 101 for the tourism industry. Learn what crypto is, how it can be used and the opportuntiites it brings to the industry.

  • Marketing Expenditure of the Queensland Tourism Industry (April 2018): Students from Griffith University volunteered under the work experience program to examine the marketing expenditure of tourism and hospitality businesses in Queensland. The results indicate that in the year 2016-17, private tourism businesses in Queensland spent on average $50,207 on marketing. The total expenditure is estimated at $270 million with large tourism businesses contributing 23% to the total marketing expenditure, even though they only account for 7% of the total industry. Half of the expenditure was dedicated to online and print advertising while television and radio received the least funding allocation.

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