We are committed to helping drive improvement and professionalism in the Queensland tourism industry through Quality Tourism Accreditation, which is part of the Quality Tourism Framework and is governed by the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC). 

QTIC is licenced to deliver the Quality Tourism Framework in Queensland on behalf of ATIC. 

What is Quality Tourism Accreditation? 

Formally known as the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP), this Australia-wide, online, quality management program, documents your business practices and procedures, is suitable for all business types and sizes and can be used as a business development tool that supports reliability, consistency and predictability in the operation of your business. In turn this brings improved customer service and satisfaction and supports the long-term sustainability of your business.

The program addresses many of the issues that are covered in the development of a business plan but focuses on those key elements that are part of the day to day function of any tourism operation. It includes topics such as: 

- Licences and Permits                                       - Business Operating Systems
- Economic Sustainability and Financial Systems    - Insurance Details
- Human Resource Management                          - Environmental Management
- Customer Service                                             - Risk Management
- Code of Practice 

It encourages you to:

- Plan how your business will function
- Check customer expectations are being met

Camp and Adventure Accreditation

This additional module and accreditation is designed for any business that works with the camp and / or adventure activity industries.

It ensures that the camping or outdoor experience is conducted in an appropriate manner; that there are clear procedures for supervising campers and administering bookings, that proper planning has been done to manage emergencies that should arise, adhering to the Adventure Activity Standards (AAS); and that engagement with the appropriate authorities (e.g. for buildings, food handling, equipment maintenance) has been undertaken.

Additional fees are required to obtain this accreditation. Please contact accreditation@qtic.com.au for more information. 

Trust the Tick

Once you have been accredited, you will have access to branding to display on all promotional material and you will also receive a complimentary business listing on www.trustthetick.com.au 

ATIC also conduct national advertising campaigns to promote the program and operators that are part of the Quality Tourism Framework. 

Register for Quality Tourism Accreditation

1.   Log in and register online via online.qualitytourismaustralia.com and click on the left hand section titled 'Australian Tourism Accreditation Program'. If you have registered for the Qld Tourism Awards before, you can use the same login details. 
2.   After you have registered your business details, QTIC will send an invoice for payment. 
3.   Once payment has been made, you will receive access to the online application to start the process. 

Within 12 months of submitting, you will receive a site visit to verify the information you provided in your application. Every year you will need to complete a set of renewal questions to remain accredited - further site visits will occur every three years. 

Annual Accreditation Fees 

Annual fees are calculated based on the number of paid full-time equivalent staff, employed at your business (three casuals or part-timers equal one full time staff member). The fee includes access to the online resources, manuals, all marketing collateral, any assistance from the Accreditation Officer and an independent on-site verification and mentoring visit.

Please contact accreditation@qtic.com.au for a quote. 

Time to Complete the Application

You have a maximum of three months from the time of registration and payment to complete the application.  

Please note: 

  • If you are unable to complete the application within the time frame, a written request for an extension is required.
  • If no extension has been granted and the application is not completed in time, your fees will be forfeited.

For more information about Quality Tourism Accreditation and the Quality Tourism Framework, please visit qualitytourismaustralia.com or contact us on 07 3236 1445 or accreditation@qtic.com.au