We have developed and gathered best practice guides, industry manuals, tool kits and templates across a range of areas.

Tourism and Hospitality Best Practice Guide

The QTIC Tourism and Hospitality Best Practice Guide provides guidelines for tourism industry employers on how to recruit, train and create an engaged and motivated workforce so that your customers receive great service and that your investments in staff will last over a longer term because of better staff retention.

Tourism Service Quality Toolkit

Good service is vital to the success of any tourism business, and the first step to improving service quality is to make it a priority. The Tourism Service Quality Toolkit will keep your business competitive and help it to grow.

Be China Ready

In partnership with the Management Institute of Australia, we have developed the 'Ni Hao – China' Resource Kit. It has been designed to support businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors as they move towards engaging more successfully with ever increasing numbers of Chinese travellers.

The Grants Guide

The Grants Guide was developed to provide businesses with information and advice for Queensland tourism businesses and associations on accessing and applying for grants.

Planning for Inbound Success

The Tourism Export Toolkit was produced by the Australian Tourism Export Council, in partnership with Tourism Australia and in collaboration with state and territory tourism offices. It is designed to provide you with the basic tools, knowledge and key contacts needed to enter the export tourism market. This information combined with advice and assistance from tourism associations (Tourism and Events Queensland), industry bodies (QTIC) and tourism operators will put you on the path to inbound tourism know-how.

The Big Marketing Guide

The Big Marketing Guide covers everything you need to know to successfully market your business to consumers, media and the tourism industry.

Queensland Events Guide

The Queensland Events Guide has been designed to assist local organisers throughout an entire event life cycle, to ensure they are equipped to stage the best event possible.

Storytelling Manual

What people remember most about their holiday are the experiences that emotionally connect them with authentic people, places and cultures. They are seeking memorable stories that they can connect with and later share with their friends and family. The Storytelling Manual will help you discover how you can create, develop and deliver an extraordinary experience through storytelling. Use the Storytelling Manual to guide you through creating your story from start to finish.

Developing and Creating ‘WOW’ Experiences

Tourism and Events Queensland, in partnership with Griffith University, has developed the Creating WOW Experiences video series and supporting worksheets to assist tourism operators to respond to increasing visitor demand for exciting, engaging and authentic experiences.

Queensland's Content Framework

Queensland's Content Framework offers best practice advice for social media content, how to effectively use content through each of the phases of the holiday planning cycle, best practice tactics and the tools and tips needed to ensure coordinated efforts in sourcing, creating and promoting authentic and memorable content across owned channels.