Industry Transformation

The tourism industry in Queensland makes a substantial contribution to the state’s economy and supports jobs across all regions of Queensland.  Over the past few years this contribution has grown significantly while other sectors have experienced more challenging times.  Tourism is the second largest contributor to state’s revenue with 7.1% of Gross State Product generated by domestic and international visitors.  Increased visitation from Asia and stronger domestic demand has seen resurgence in confidence within the sector and providing enormous opportunities for the long term sustainability of the tourism industry. Now is Queensland’s time to take advantage of these global opportunities, build on our competitive advantage and create a sustainable future for the industry.  

In 2012, at the inaugural DestinationQ forum, industry discussed the challenges of future-proofing industry structures and creating innovative and sustainable solutions for industry development, capability and capacity building and marketing. Feedback from the industry indicates that there are opportunities to find new ways to work together to suit a dynamic and ever evolving environment. Traditional membership models have been identified as overcomplicated and current resources, including government investment, for collaborative work may not provide the sufficient means to maintain Queensland’s competitive edge.

Since this time the QTIC board has committed to exploring the opportunities and strategies that can help address these issues. The board has been working with the objective of “enhancing the tourism industry’s competitiveness, maximising efficiencies, capitalising on our unique natural assets in order to position tourism as the key economic driver for Queensland and future proofing the industry”. 

To achieve this goal, the Board has focused on a number of strategies, first engaging KPMG to provide insight and analysis into our current industry models and those employed internationally that are recognised as best practice in tourism competitiveness.

Next, the board has initiated industry engagement to gauge the views on possible transformation and clarify opportunities identified through the initial research. Any proposal for change would have to be embraced by industry and promoted as a genuine step forward towards a more competitive future. This engagement will continue with the nine forums across the state, independently facilitated by EarthCheck’s Mark Olsen.

The final stage of this strategy is to engage an independently chaired consultative committee to assess the feedback and determine what the best models for industry collaboration may look like in Queensland and what resourcing mechanisms could support the best outcome. The committee will provide the board with a set of key recommendations and strategies that can guide the path forward.

Now it’s your part, QTIC invites you to sign-up to your nearest forum (click here) to have your say on how we can achieve the best outcome for the industry. Have your say on how the Queensland tourism industry can take advantage on the opportunities that lie ahead.  

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch with us through We are happy to chat.

Shane O'Reilly
Chair, QTIC Board