Queensland State Budget QTIC Summary

The State Budget was handed down by the Hon. Cameron Dick MP, State Treasurer and Minister for Investment on Tuesday 15 June 2021. To see the Budget Papers in full, click here. It must be noted both the state budget and the Queensland economy are in better shape than was anticipated a year ago. It is a more optimistic base for all sectors, including tourism. 



  • Financial commitment to the ongoing development of the workforce, including training and reskilling programs. QTIC welcomes the State Government’s strong focus on skills training and labour market programs. The tourism industry is facing acute labour shortages, and taking these challenges into account, we are keen to see that investment providing crucial support to a sector that is typically very labour-intensive. 

  • There is also considerable support for small businesses via a series of grants and programs. These are important initiatives for an industry dominated by small businesses.  

  • A $270 million funding allocations to the Great Barrier Reef and measures to support its health is essential and welcomed.  

  • A number of specific tourism-focused initiatives including funding for the Queensland film and television industry, live music venues, and the aviation sector are likely to have a positive flow-on effect to state tourism operators.  

  • A significant investment of $300 million into the advancement of Indigenous peoples is earmarked under the ‘Path to Treaty’. Tourism can act as a collaborative partner in achieving outcomes in this field.  


  • While the Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) funding is maintained for the 2021-2022 budget period, subsequent years appear to suggest a lower level of overall funding, requiring additional budget bids for top-up. It will be important to keep an eye on any changes to this funding in the coming years.  

  • Ongoing funding for tourism infrastructure projects is critical for economic growth and state confidence. We would welcome continued commitments in this area. 

  • Budget allocations need to be made available for identified initiatives developed under the future Queensland Government Tourism Action Plan. There needs to be a strong commitment by government building of tourism business capabilities and capacity development.

Please see the document attached here for all of the details.