COVID-19 Update 16/04/2020

There is a lot of information available about the various government support measures for businesses. We have listed just a few of the most helpful links for you below. They may help clarify some questions about the details of the JobSeeker allowance as well as state and federal loan facilities. For employers, an important aspect of the legislation passed in federal parliament is the temporary flexibility in relation to the Fair Work Act. This is an issue QTIC has advocated for strongly and in a phone conference yesterday, Minister Michaelia Cash confirmed some of the provisions that allow for flexibility on hours worked, pay rates and leave arrangements, during the current situation. It still protects employees from exploitation, as it should, but brings some commonsense into play.

Another big current topic is the situation with Virgin Australia. QTIC is urging the Federal Government to work with the airlines to ensure Australia can continue to benefit from a competitive, domestic aviation market. There is no doubt that without the competitive dynamics of airlines over the last two decades, domestic tourism would not have thrived as it has – particularly in regional Queensland.  It is in all our interest to protect aviation, it an essential service for Australia. It is also worth remembering that the government has been actively and variously involved, as an owner, funder and provider of regulatory protection for aviation in Australia for decades. We are not alone in this, the US government has just announced a support package of its aviation sector of close to A$40 billion. It seems to matter to them.

Daniel Gschwind
Chief Executive

Local Government Elections

As the results of the Local Government Elections are officially confirmed, QTIC is writing to every single one of the new and returning Mayors and Councillors, reminding them of the importance of tourism as the lifeblood of communities. We will also provide them with an economic ‘snapshot’ of tourism (pre-COVID-19) in their region.

Tourism drives state and local economies and when the tourism dollar stops, everybody notices that ‘tourism is everyone’s business’ – a phrase that gains a lot of traction during the Pilots’ Dispute all those years ago. There are not many parts of the economy that tourism doesn’t touch and support in some way.

Local government plays a critical role in tourism and is a major stakeholder. We will urge the elected local politicians to continue supporting tourism as it struggles through its most challenging conditions. We will continue to work with our local government partners to advocate for our industry in every corner of the state.

JobKeeper Update

As outlined by the Minister, there are JobKeeper Guidelines and FAQs published by Treasury to assist employers in accessing and managing the JobKeeper payment scheme. Below is the link to Treasury’s page with the downloadable pdf links for your reference, as well as the link to the payment guide produced by ACCI’s WR team.  The guide answers many questions we have received in relation to this and may give employers more confidence to take up the opportunity.  The Minister tells us that so far 830,000 business have registered for JobKeeper, potentially covering 6 million employees.  Don’t miss out!

Our partners at FCB have also prepared concise information on this. Please feel free to direct any questions to us and we will try to find the answers for you.  You may also choose to use our dedicated helpline FCB: 02 9083 0033 (Mon-Fri)

Export Capital Facility

As announced by the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Australian Government has established a $500 million COVID-19 Export Capital Facility to assist previously profitable Australian exporters whose businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. Exporters will be able to access loans from $250,000 to $50 million under the Facility. The Facility will complement other measures announced by the Government which enable banks to support new and existing clients. Exporters should contact their banks in the first instance to determine what assistance may be available to them. More information is attached in the below fact sheet.

Export Finance Australia fact sheet 

Important ATO links
 We urge all businesses to log into the ATO website and set up for the new online access system. The previous auskey system has been replaced by the MyGovID It is easy to do and allows full access for lodgment etc. It is important for all businesses to lodge BAS and other statements promptly (quarterly or monthly) because that will trigger credits for the PAYG refunds or the JobKeeper Allowance, if due. On the topic of tax, all employees working from home can choose to claim an hourly ‘home office’ tax deduction of $.80 for the time working from home, though they should seek advice from their accountant at tax time.

Queensland Government support links

DITID on behalf of the Queensland Government is continuously updating its excellent list of COVID-19 information and valuable web links.

We particularly draw your attention to the loan facility for businesses, set up the Queensland Government. Applications that have already been received are being processes promptly with payments likely to start flowing by the end of April. The program remains open but we suggest you apply promptly if you could benefit from this program.


The QTIC Micro-Credentialing program is due to launch in the coming weeks with 60 businesses already on board to receive the training.

The endorsed micro-credentials offers alternative current skilling solutions that provides direct benefit to tourism and hospitality businesses and their workforce. 

The program aims to provide an opportunity to support changing workplaces by enabling the provision of focused training in specific skills to better support employees and businesses to adopt innovations and improved productivity.

You can express your interest by filling out the below EOI form or for more information click here. 


The QTIC Salute to Excellence Awards nominations are now open. Are you are a teacher who has a student who would excel, do you know a trainer/teacher who deserves recognition or an employer who has gone above and beyond. If you answered yes then keep reading. 

The Salute to Excellence awards has five categories this year:
  • Secondary student - Tourism
  • Secondary student - Food and Beverage
  • Secondary student - Cookery
  • Teacher/Trainer of the Year
  • Employer of the Year
The program acknowledges those in the delivery of tourism, food and beverage and cookery qualifications through VETiS, and School-based Apprenticeship(s) or Traineeship(s).   

Nominate here
For enquiries contact 07 3236 1445 or email 

Flexible Chef Apprenticeship

The QTIC, RTSP program was designed as a flexible cookery apprenticeship to permit participant mobility across the state. The program provides participants with the flexibility to continue their studies during periods of unemployment. We will maintain this effective initiative during this time, based on the strong industry interest we have received.
The program targets casual cooks wanting to gain the professional trade qualification, SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. To date, QTIC has qualified more than 150 professional cooks across Queensland with our partner RTOs.   
You can fill out the EOI form below or contact 07 3236 1445 or email  for more information.