457 Visa Seminar

FCB Smart Visa and Queensland Tourism Industry Council would like to invite you to our upcoming seminar that will cover all changes to the 457 Visa program, and provide strategies to attract and retain skilled overseas workers. 
The surprise announcement by the Prime Minister on the 18th April 2017 has left most visa holders and businesses with overseas workers still coming to terms with the fallout from the immediate and future changes to the 457 visa program.

Even after most of the dust has settled, some publicly available information is confusing and often conflicting. We aim to set things straight for businesses and visa holders who need practical guidance on how to best manage the sweeping reforms, and learn how to work with the changes for maximum advantage.

The session will feature:

  1. A comprehensive overview of the changes that have been implemented to date, and a timeline of future changes until March 2018
  2. A discussion about the post March 2018 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa type and the effects of the changes on permanent residence eligibility
  3. Q&A regarding the changes, transitional arrangements, and how they affect your workplace
  4. Strategies to ensure people maximise the remainder of the 457 program, and prepare for the new TSS visa

We would especially encourage you to register NOW if you fall into one of the following 5 critical categories:

  1. You rely on the 457 visa programme to fill vacancies in one of the 200 occupations removed from the programme on 19 April 2017 – (particularly relevant to the Tourism and Hospitality sector amongst others)
  2. You, or your employees hold a visa nominated in an occupation on the truncated list of 457 occupations
  3. You, or your employees are already on a pathway to employer sponsored Permanent Residence
  4. You want to obtain employer sponsored PR and will turn 45 years old by July 2017, or 50 years old by March 2018
  5. You are a small business with an ongoing or anticipated need to access foreign workers
Seminar Information 
Date and time: 3pm on Thursday May 18
Address: QTIC Level 5, 189 Grey Street, South Brisbane 
RegistrationsTo register attendance please email Ainsley Millar by clicking here.