Follow the Roadmap!

The last few days have been somewhat confusing, if not a distressing rollercoaster for many in our industry. We did have the announcement on Tuesday, by the Premier, of the small business grants program and the specific tourism infrastructure grants. Along with some other Queensland Government initiatives, QTIC has enthusiastically welcomed those support measures and we will continue to engage with the government on how to craft a strong recovery for tourism. 

Far less reassuring were the statements from both the Premier and the Chief Health Officer about the prospect of keeping Queensland’s borders closed until September or beyond. This was a blow to the industry, previously very much encouraged by the Premier’s release of the Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions. That roadmap with the three stages was exactly what QTIC had been calling for and it gave the industry something to prepare for. Particularly Stage 3 which foreshadowed: Subject to further planning and review, interstate and further intrastate travel will be permitted and a maximum of 100 people.

In line with the overwhelming feedback we have had from industry, QTIC’s call is very simple: maintain the momentum of the government’s Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions, announced only two weeks ago.  

The roadmap gave operators not only a sense of hope but also a plan to prepare their businesses, work with staff and get ready with some purpose. Unfortunately, the recent messaging and speculation about state border closures to September and beyond have utterly destroyed this optimism.

I had an opportunity to speak with the Premier earlier in the week and QTIC has written to her today, stating our hopes clearly.

We also reminded her in the letter that last year, domestic tourism alone in Queensland generated $1.6 billion of expenditure per month or $53 million per day. That is the amount of income lost to thousands of businesses for every day while visitors stay away. Neither the operators nor their staff can sustain such losses for much longer.

The letter reassures the Premier that we support her in the effort to keeping Queenslanders safe, and the success of the measures is impressive, but the government must also keep us viable and allow us to re-build a future. We will continue to urge the Premier to commit to implementing Stage 3 of the Roadmap without delay unless there is overwhelming and compelling scientific evidence to prevent this.

Further delays would also significantly undermine our competitive position compared to other states in capturing the benefits of the expected resurgence in domestic tourism.

We thank you for all your feedback and suggestions.

Kind Regards
Daniel Gschwind

Roadmap Stage 2 - Date

According to the published government roadmap, Stage 2 is scheduled to commence on Friday 12 June. With that stage, overnight stays within a 250 kms radius will be permitted.  The confusion has now arisen over the fact that there is an interpretation that Friday 12 June 11:59 PM is the precise moment for this. This would effectively rule out any commercial check-ins in a property for that Friday night, thereby eliminating a 2-day weekend stay. Many consumers and operators had assumed the Friday night would be an option.

Many members are concerned about this and QTIC has raised the issue with the government and the Tourism Minister. We have been assured that a solution with the Premier is being sought as a priority.

Micro-Credentialing Program Live Tomorrow

Our QTIC Micro-Credentialing program will go LIVE tomorrow afternoon and it's not too late to express your interest. Click here to fill out the EOI form. If you have already registered you will receive an email with your unique login code. 

The Micro-Credentials will provide skilling solutions for immediate benefit to tourism and hospitality businesses and their employees.The project will provide 400 tourism and hospitality businesses and their staff with the opportunity to acquire specific skills, or micro-credentials, through a comprehensive online delivery platform. QTIC aims to reach at least 1,750 tourism and hospitality employees with this new tool.

For more information, you can click here. 

Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program

The recent funding announcement includes grants of up to $10,000 for eligible small or micro-businesses. The funding can be used towards the following:

  • financial, legal or other professional advice to support business sustainability and diversification
  • strategic planning, financial counselling or business coaching aligned to business development and diversification
  • building the business through marketing and communications activities, for example, content development (web pages, mobile apps, visual and audio media etc.)
  • digital/technological strategy development
  • digital training or re-training to adapt to new business models
  • capital costs associated with meeting COVID-19 safe requirements
  • specialised digital equipment or business-specific software to move business operations online (e.g. logistics program for online ordering)
  • meeting business costs, including utilities, rent.
You can read more and apply for the grant here. 

Cultural Awareness Training

A QTIC Member Savannah Guides is offering a Cultural Awareness Course online through the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. The ten module course takes around ten hours to complete and offers a certificate to successful participants. The cost is $110, the deadline for payment is 31 May and you must complete the course by 31 January 2021. See more details here.


Unique 8 part webinar/podcast series from BTL Gems

Register now for the 'Advancing Women in Tourism' webinar/podcast series hosted by the talented and well-known tourism identity Kayleen Allen.

The aim of the Advancing Women in Tourism series is to connect, engage and support women in tourism throughout Queensland. 

This webinar/podcast series has been made possible due to the Queensland Government’s Advancing Women in Business initiative and is support by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council and Tourism Events Queensland.

Register here.