Business Capability Program Launches Complimentary Workshops

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) has today launched the 2019-20 Tourism Industry Business Capability Program (TIBCP).  More than 70 activities including mentoring, workshops and trade activities are available to Queensland tourism businesses to register today.


QTIC Chief Executive, Daniel Gschwind said, “The Tourism Industry Business Capability Program (TIBC) aims to support tourism operators across the state by building digital capability and empowering them to deliver a consistently high standard of visitor experience”.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones said, “Tourism is a highly competitive, global industry and we must pull out all stops to equip our operators with the best skills to deliver what visitors want. This program is the result of a unique Queensland partnership between industry and the State Government”.

The Queensland Government has committed $832,000 for the 2019-20, Year 2 TIBCP program.  Program activities include digital mentoring for up to 300 businesses, digital capability workshops and trade readiness activities, including mentoring and participation in trade events.

The second year of the program will build upon the capability gains from Year 1 and focus on building Digital and Trade capabilities with emphasis on one-on-one mentoring and coaching for tourism businesses.

Tourism operators that are eligible for a Best of Queensland Experiences Program score will have the opportunity to build their capability further.

QTIC has partnered with Tourism and Event Queensland (TEQ) and the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and Commonwealth Games (DITID) to deliver this program, funded by the Queensland Government.

The workshops will provide information on how operators can leverage current and new technologies with improved skills, to create enhanced visitor experiences.

Roma Big Rig who attended the workshops last year said the workshops were informative and helped them to take their business to the next level.

“After the one-on-one session we had the required information and courage to re-design, re-price and promote The Big Rig Night Show ‘Sunset Experience’ and add a 2pm weekday guided tour of the Oil Patch Museum. The Digital Ready workshops allowed us to receive Best of Queensland Experience recognition and Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor”, said Roma Big Rig.

A calendar of digital and trade activities is available on the QTIC website.