Our Federal Election priorities

As millions of Australians prepare to head to the polls, QTIC is sharing our key policy priorities for the upcoming Federal Election and providing a snapshot of several topics that we're actively advocating.
If you would like to learn more about QTIC's advocacy for our industry during the Federal Election, you can read our in-depth priorities report here. As your voice to government, we're committed to ensuring that our tourism needs are heard at all levels of government. 
Developing demand-driving attractions and visitor experiences

Australia needs ongoing investment in new demand-driving visitor experiences and appropriate infrastructure. Is it critical to assess the most impactful potential tourism developments that can drive further investment and visitor demand.

QTIC recommendations to government
  • Continue matched funding for the next generation of iconic attractions in each state and territory.
  • Provide a $70 million competitive grants scheme for Small and Medium Enterprise tourism businesses to develop new or renewed products.
  • Extend the Export Market Development Grants scheme to businesses previously deemed ineligible for having reached the maximum eight grant limit.
  • Develop new First Nations-owned and operated tourism businesses. The Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan, developed by QTIC after extensive consultations with First Nations people, industry stakeholders, and government departments, offers a considered guide for future action.

Workforce and skills

Our industry's workforce shortages continue to cause various challenges and impact our sector's recovery. As sentiment for travel grows, we rely on a viable workforce to meet consumer demand. Alleviating current shortages and planning for long-term industry needs is critical. 

QTIC recommendations to government 

  • Fund training to build business capability and provide micro-credentialing (short courses) for small businesses in each state. QTIC has been offering industry-relevant courses to businesses to upskill and retain staff, with great success. 
  • Provide $8 million to expand small business capacity and skills via the Quality Tourism Framework
  • Provide marketing programs and reduced fees, taxes, and charges to ensure Australia is an attractive destination for international working visitors, international students, skilled migrants, and backpackers. 

Climate change

The current and future impacts of climate change are of great concern to the tourism industry, as increasingly common extreme weather events demonstrate. In addition, the domestic and international impacts on consumer perceptions of our destinations in relation to climate change are already being felt.  

QTIC recommendations to government 

  • Commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and a 50% reduction by 2030.
  • In line with Infrastructure Australia's plan, commit to linking the national Electric Vehicle network for self-drive and caravanning road trips. 
  • Provide grants or tax rebates for aviation, marine and land transport to move to low emission electric battery fleets and vehicles. 

Internet access and digital connectivity

Connectivity remains a key issue for many Queensland destinations, particularly in our regional locations. Several areas continue to suffer from slow or unreliable Internet service. This impedes businesses' ability to connect with consumers and complete daily operational requirements.

QTIC recommendations to government
  • Continue to upgrade the NBN nationwide and work constructively with State and Territory Governments to reduce Internet and telecommunications blackspots in our regional communities.


The tourism industry, associated stakeholders, and consultants agree that there is a market failure in terms of the affordability and accessibility of insurance. Insurance companies are increasingly not providing coverage for a variety of tourism experiences, and rising premiums for tourism businesses are making a variety of products uncompetitive.
QTIC recommendations to government

Aviation attraction and recovery fund

Domestic and international aviation capacity will continue to be critical in the post-COVID world. An efficient, comprehensive, and competitive market for air services to both capital and regional destinations must be a high priority for both government and industry.

QTIC recommendations to government
  • Restore pre-pandemic international and domestic aviation capacity through greater funding.
  • Develop new international air routes to diverse markets.
  • Develop new and affordable domestic air routes, particularly to ensure greater regional connectivity.