COVID-19 Update 9/04/2020

It will be an Easter like no other and, from a tourism industry perspective at least, not in a good way. I sincerely hope that you can all experience some positive consequences of this situation, perhaps a more quiet time shared with family, getting things done around the house and other simple pleasures. From all of us here at QTIC, we do wish you a peaceful Easter with a strong sense of optimism about the future. All of us, I am sure, will be more determined than ever to work together, work with a strong sense of purpose and a clear sense of what is actually important. As an organisation, QTIC will do what it can to contribute and work for a strong tourism future.

Perhaps Easter is a good starting point for a brighter future, considering that it marks the (Northern hemisphere) spring equinox, a day where the amount of dark and the amount of daylight is exactly identical. Since ancient pagan times, this has told humanity that we're emerging from winter because the daylight and the dark have come back into balance. Good enough for me – even if we have to adapt it slightly for the Southern hemisphere…..

Happy Easter and beyond!

Daniel Gschwind
QTIC Chief Executive


Government support & important ATO links
The COVID-19 business support measures, including those passed in Federal Parliament yesterday, will gradually flow through to businesses and individuals.  We urge all businesses to log into the ATO website and set up for the new online access system. The previous auskey system has been replaced by the MyGovID It is easy to do and allows full access for lodgment etc. It is important for all businesses to lodge BAS and other statements promptly (quarterly or monthly) because that will trigger credits for the PAYG refunds or the JobKeeper Allowance, if due. On the topic of tax, all employees working from home can choose to claim an hourly ‘home office’ tax deduction of $.80 for the time working from home, though they should seek advice from their accountant at tax time.

JobKeeper Allowance and other employment topics

To get the full benefit of the support available and to ensure all measures are implemented correctly by employers, it is important for businesses to be well informed.

Our partners at FCB have prepared concise information on this and we recommend you take advantage of this. Please feel free to direct any questions to us and we will try to find the answers for you.  You may also choose to use our dedicated helpline FCB: 02 9083 0033 (Mon-Fri)

Summary of Government support links

DITID on behalf of the Queensland Government is continuously updating its excellent list of COVID-19 information and valuable web links.

We particularly draw your attention in this edition to the section on Accommodation and Travel Directories. This gives some further clarity on the questions we have raised with the government about how to interpret the general Health Directives for non-resident visitors and accommodation service providers. In essence, it means Queensland residents have to stay home, visitors have to remain in the accommodation they are at now unless they fall into an ‘exempt’ category, ie essential workers etc.

All things legal
There are many legal issues arising for businesses from the COVID-19 situation. It adds complexity and uncertainty when businesses are already overwhelmed by operational and financial challenges.

Our corporate partners at Norton Rose Fulbright (NRF) have prepared on-demand information session, covering some important legal topics:

  • Employment and Workplace Health and Safety matters
  • Landlord and tenants arrangements
  • Jobseeker Allowance
  • Banking and Financial Restructuring considerations
  • Insolvency relief
  • Insurance implications

These are weighty topics (not light entertainment) but the webinar gives you access to the knowledge of four senior partners of the firm and may just help your business navigate some difficult questions. It is easy to access the presentation and you can skip through to the topic you are particularly interested in. Importantly, you can also type in any question and the NRF Partners will provide you with an answer via email.

Click here to access the webinar. 

QTIC is fast-tracking the launch of a Micro-Credentialing program, which will provide skilling solutions for immediate benefit to tourism and hospitality businesses and their employees.

The project will provide 400 tourism and hospitality businesses and their staff with the opportunity to acquire specific skills, or micro-credentials, through a comprehensive online delivery platform. QTIC aims to reach at least 1,750 tourism and hospitality employees with this new tool.

The micro-credentials on offer will include: customer service – hotel/food and beverage, introduction to hospitality management, food safety - allergies – FOH and BOH, kitchen leadership for executive chefs, rostering management, food costs management, profit and loss for hospitality, customer (experiential) service, entrepreneurship, tourism and travel distribution channels. For more information click here. 

The program is due to launch in the coming weeks and you can express your interest by filling out the below form. 
EOI Form Employer
EOI Form Employee

And a quick ‘hello’ from one of the super cute (Easter) bilbies at Dreamworld.

Conservation + tourism = a great partnership!