Backpacker tax decision brings relief to industry

It is with great relief that the backpacker tax has been settled with a 15% tax passed (Thursday, December 1, 2016).

Chief Executive QTIC Daniel Gschwind said while it was disappointing that the tax increase was proposed, it was welcome news to hear a decision had been made.

“The compromised rate of 15% from the original 32.5% is certainly a better outcome for tourism,” Mr Gschwind said.

Research commissioned by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has shown that ‘compromise package  including a 15 per cent tax rate, a $5 increase to the Passenger Movement Charge and superannuation changes – will raise a net $304 million in revenue in a full year. That is $84 million more than the Government’s initial $220 million revenue target included in forward estimates.’ 

“The focus now is to continue working on attracting working holiday-maker visitors to Australia and hope the impact of the backpacker tax will not discourage young visitors.”

“We finally have certainty after a very unhelpful process and there are plenty of jobs available across the tourism and agriculture in Queensland this summer - let’s make sure they can all be filled!.”