QTIC Lunch Time Yarns: Indigenous Artists

In this time of COVID-19, how do our leading artisans continue to produce and promote their work?

Presenting QTIC’s second instalment of our new Lunch Time Yarns series. Like many industries, the Arts sector was devasted by the impacts of COVID-19. This week we get to share an important conversation between three very prominent Queensland Indigenous Artists.

Join Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Chern’ee Sutton and her younger sister Brooke Sutton, as they share their experiences through the impacts of COVID-19 and how they plan to move forward in the future.

During this yarn we get to hear: 

  1. The significance of their art.  
  2. How COVID-19 has affected their businesses.
  3. The changes they’ve made to adapt to the everchanging circumstances.
  4. The risk that comes with making these changes, and how they’ve combatted that.
  5. What would be your advice to others in a similar situation?
  6. What does your future involve
  7. The involvement in the implementation of the First Nations Tourism Plan.

Spare half an hour of your time to listen to how their fabulous work continues.

You can visit the guests' websites via the following links.