Spotlight on Sustainability-Fun Over Fifty

Fun Over Fifty have won the very prestigious Banksia Foundation Sustainability Award for the Medium Business category.

Fun over Fifty have a number of Sustainability Initiatives that have lead to this award….examples include their Green Guest Policy (GGP):- offering passengers the opportunity to contribute to reducing the impact their stay in multi-night destinations has on the environment.

By opting to void the service of their room (not requiring linen to be changed, towels to be washed etc) guests are reducing the amount of chemical cleaning products, electricity, water and plastic bags that all contribute to the deterioration of the environment. Being Seen Being Green (BSBG):- This initiative offers Fun Over Fifty guests a chance to really contribute to the local environment in an immediate fashion. Guests are invited to assist with the planting of trees and plants, sand dune rejuvenation or creating herb gardens for chefs to use in hotel restaurants. These are just a few examples of the types of initiatives in place…..

Graz van Egmond, CEO of the Banksia Foundation said: “It was great to see that our decision to base the Banksia Awards on the UN Sustainable Development Goals is really making an impact. It was inspiring to see how our finalists and winners are working with the SDGs and how this is a great example for others to emulate. This is encouraging and we know that acknowledging leadership and innovation is such an impetus for our finalists and winners to keep going on their amazing journey. They should be very proud of the impact they are having.”

The Banksia Foundation judges were impressed on the "Excellent reporting and understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and it was great to see that learning's have resulted in increased community support. Fun Over Fifty is a developing influence to regional communities and the hotel/motel industry to grow sustainable tourism, this will provide a strong lasting legacy."