Tourism in Action: Message from Daniel (March)

Sometimes it is hard to remain strong and positive. As much of the East Coast of Australia is drenched in a severe downpour, some businesses have yet another challenge to add to the difficulties they faced over the last 18 months, including bushfires and COVID-19. I can only offer two reassurances to those operators who struggle with all this stress: you are not alone and QTIC will not rest doing everything in its power to support you.

QTIC will continue to engage persistently with federal and state governments to make your plight heard. We did not achieve the results we hoped for with the federal government post-JobKeeper measures that we sought. That is disappointing but only adds motivation for us to seek other effective support measures and partnerships with both levels of government for the industry. We recognise and welcome some of the recent initiatives that have been put in place, including the $200-voucher pilot for Tropical North Queensland and the domestic flight subsidies, but we know additional practical support is needed for many parts of the industry. We are not giving up.
QTIC is also actively addressing the rapidly escalating workforce challenges that operators are reporting and the difficulties in obtaining appropriate and affordable insurance cover.  We are in constant contact with federal and state-based representatives about the issues of insurance and have taken this up as a strategic industry issue. The latter issue will not be helped by the rain and flood damage claims that will follow the current weather events.
Recovery will come for tourism and the long-term outlook is indeed bright for an industry that has so much to offer to the economy, the community and the environment. Together we can make it happen!
The Easter holiday period will bring some relief and some sunshine – literally and metaphorically. We should also celebrate the fact that the COVID situation in Queensland and Australia is giving us an enormous competitive advantage. Despite some ongoing restrictions, businesses can generally operate.  After months of persistently highlighting the cost to tourism, we can now be much more confident that drastic internal border closures will no longer be imposed.

We always welcome your comments and feedback on your situation and any suggestions of how we can support you better.