QTIC Helpline: Industry Support

As we continue to deal with the crisis, QTIC is entirely focused on generating practical support for affected businesses. QTIC haveset up a suite of business helplines to assist business operators at this difficult time.
General finance advice

QTIC members are now able to seek free-of-charge general financial and business advice to deal with the impact of the CoronaVirus on their operations.  A specific email address has been set up for any queries you may have: businesspecialistsqld@westpac.com.au
You do not have to be a Westpac customer to access this service. Any business currently banking with Westpac may find additional services here: https://www.westpac.com.au/help/disaster-relief/

Business and personal distress support
Tourism Gems

For business owners who find themselves in distress, understanding what the next step is can be confusing or worse still, confronting.  In situations like this having a sounding board to discuss critical options is important.  As a business coach and strategist with over 30 years tourism experience and a mental health first aider and counsellor, Kayleen is well-positioned to assist business owners to explore what options are available to them and their businesses and the potential implications of these decisions.
Tourism Gems is offering free 30 minutes phone chats focusing on business and personal distress support. 
Contact Kayleen Allen on 040 7133 690 (Mon-Fri)

General insurance advice

Insurance has and continues to be, a hot topic of discussion across the tourism industry. Our partners at Gallagher are experts in understanding the risk affecting the tourism and hospitality industry. They specialise in supporting business in obtaining suitable insurance cover to protect your business against the unexpected. 
Gallagher is offering complimentary general advice to tourism and hospitality businesses. 
Advice line: 07 3002 3051. (Mon-Fri)

HR advice
FCB Group

FCB Group is made up of Australia’s leading workplace relations lawyers and consultants.
How to handle the movement of staff can be a tough decision when cash-flow is restricted and visitor numbers are down. Agility and the ability to bounce back when recovery comes is also important. Our partners at FCB Group are offering 15 Minutes complementary HR Advice around the challenges associated with staffing decisions. 
Dedicated hotline: 02 9083 0033 (Mon-Fri)