A Federal Budget to Bring Back Confidence

The Federal Government has delivered a big-spending budget, squarely aimed at boosting consumer confidence with tax and income support measures and also giving businesses tax and grant incentives to invest and employ. It is what the economy needs to recover from the suffocating COVID-constraints. We certainly hope that some of the extra disposable income will be directed towards domestic tourism by cooped up consumers looking for positive experiences. Queensland is well placed to make the most of this opportunity with our diverse regions and destinations. As domestic borders open and air services are restored – including potentially new routes – there is significant potential to make domestic travel more trendy and more ‘Instagramable’ than ever before.

We are happy to share a detailed summary of budget measures from our partners at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). Links to additional budget-related information are included in the latest newsletter from our national organisation the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC).

Tourism expenditure can deliver exactly what the government is hoping for: dollars staying in local communities, circulating many times over through small business and creating jobs along the way. Tourism must be part of any effective recovery plan.

The business support measures, including tax incentives, investment programs and wage subsidies will be welcome relief also for tourism operators who are trying to rebuild for a strong domestic market. 

Most of the tourism-specific measures had been previously announced and are certainly welcomed. However, we are very much aware that tourism is an export-exposed industry and with national borders closed for some time still, our industry will be in need of additional, targeted support measures for the longer term. Alongside ATIC, we are in ongoing discussions with the Federal Government on how this can be achieved.