Mark your calendars!

The global calendar is filled with special dates that people choose (or do not choose) to celebrate. The thousands of interesting, exciting and important days, events and celebrations bring a significant amount of engagement, appreciation and increased understanding.

Queensland businesses continuously promote their own offerings, events and people; therefore it can often be difficult to dedicate time and effort towards causes outside of the usual scope. However, as QTIC has discovered, there are a number of reasons as to why it is important for organisations to get involved in national and international celebrations.

Engaging in and sharing content to promote a cause or celebrate a special occasion...

  • Shows that you are aware of the World around you for example, World Wildlife Day
  • Targets your efforts toward causes that will benefit your organisation and industries for example, Clean Up Australia Day or Earth Day
  • Gives you an opportunity to acknowledge and thank all the people who make it possible for your business and industry to thrive in a competitive market for example,  showing appreciation to volunteers on World Volunteers Day
  •  Increases online visibility and marketing for example, adding your own branding or logo to any marketing material you release increases your exposure and gives you an opportunity to be ‘shared’ to new audiences
  • Improve motivation and teamwork, boost morale, involvement and ultimately positivity

When planning the events that you will participate in this year, do not forget to select days, events or celebrations that are relevant to your organisation, use the widely recognised #hashtags, visit the genuine websites for more accurate information, acknowledge any images or resources you use and finally, keep a record of what you do! When the date rolls around again next year, you can leverage yourself from the results of the previous year.

Whether you choose to share content online, organise a community event or encourage your employees to make a contribution toward causes that your organisation intends to celebrate; you will reap the rewards and set yourself apart as an organisation that is committed to being involved at a national and international level!

Below are some key dates that you could participate in during 2018:

02 February: World Wetlands Day

27 February: Business Clean Up Day

03 March: World Wildlife Day

04 March: National Clean Up Australia Day

21 March: Harmony Day

18 April: World Heritage Day

22 April: Earth Day

10-18 March: Parks Week

21- 27 May: National Volunteer Week

08 June: World Oceans Day

02-09 July: NAIDOC Week

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Mark your calendars: Why it’s important to celebrate and promote special calendar dates By Caitlin Parsons, QTIC Intern