Spotlight on sustainability: GCCEC

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) is a world-leading sustainable meeting and events venue, operating to the highest environmental standard and championing environmental stewardship.

GCCEC adopts a six step approach to integrating sustainable business practices across the organisation in alignment with the requirements of EarthCheck’s Gold Certification. This includes the development and implementation of sustainability policies, benchmarking of performance, compliance across licenses, leases, permits and agreements, the development of a risk assessment and sustainability plan, performance and communication.

GCCEC display their Environmental Policy at loading docks and foyers and include the introduction of the Environmental Management Plan and EarthCheck program in the induction presentation for staff and contractors.

As a result of their changes, GCCEC have reduced their energy, water and waste consumption and offer support to their local community through partnerships with organisations like OzHarvest to redistribute leftover food.