Staff Management Tool Kit

Human Resource Management is a critical part of any business. Research shows that most tourism businesses have developed strong financial and marketing strategies, but that the people side of the business is the component most likely to fail as pressure on the labour market continues in a way that is preventing business from delivering their services.

7 Steps to Better Staff Management covers essential information for your business success:

1. Finding and Selecting Staff

2. Starting Staff

3. Keeping Staff

4. Managing Staff Information

5. Managing Staff Performance

6. Motivating Staff

7. Growing My Business through my staffTemplates to Assist Employers with Staff Management


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Resource Kit and Employer Guide - QRG/Gateway Schools Network Member 5 Apr 2016
Growing my business through my Staff
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Motivating Staff
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Managing Staff Performance
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Managing Staff Information
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Keeping Staff
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Starting Staff
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Finding and Selecting Staff
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