The Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) has introduced a new, integrated framework for Australia’s business quality programs, which incorporate existing programs such as; the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program, Star Ratings program, and the Australian Tourism Awards. This new framework is known as the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF).

Under the new QTF, there have been changes to requirements for the 2019 and 2020 Queensland Tourism Awards (QTA), which all entrants must meet in order to be eligible for the national award categories. The QTF, will provide greater efficiencies for those who are engaged across multiple programs and provide an assurance of minimum standards being met by all. 

Important QTA Accreditation Information

1.    To be eligible for any of the accommodation categories (17 – 23) except Unique Accommodation, all entrants are required to meet a specific Star Rating (dependent on their category), through the completion of a pre-assessment module in the Online Awards Portal, which will calculate a proposed rating.  Those who are already Star Rated will not be required to complete a pre-assessment as the rating has already been confirmed. Note: annual Star Rating renewals are due in July each year.

2.    All entrants in non-accommodation categories are required to complete certain business standards known as Level 1 of the QTF.  This pre-assessment is included within the submission portal.  Those who are already accredited through QTF (formally known as ATAP) will not be required to complete a pre-assessment.  Annual QTF (formally ATAP) renewals are due in July each year.

3.    There is no additional cost for 2020 QTA entrants to complete the required pre-assessments. Additional costs will only apply if an entrant wishes to finalise the accreditation process through the QTF.

4.    Queensland entrants were previously required to hold accreditation through one of 17 recognised programs. In order to ensure consistency across the States under the QTF, this requirement no longer applies.

Although this requirement no longer applies, QTIC highly recommends that all entrants maintain their current accreditation, as it is a valuable business asset and will strengthen QTA submissions.

Under the new QTF, QTIC will continue to work with our accreditation partners to uphold tourism excellence and deliver quality standards across the industry. 

For further information about accreditation please contact or call 07 3236 1445.