• Tourism in Action: Daniel Gschwind (December)

    As we sign off on the second COVID-year, I must admit that I can hardly remember what we had to worry about before we had this virus to drive us to distraction.

    A world without this new global vocabulary of social distancing, border passes, boosters, suppression strategies, tracing, close contacts ... it seems like a distant memory of some idyllic land.

    Of course, the times BC (Before COVID) were not without challenges, but it feels as though we had a lot more control over our lives, our businesses and our future. I wish there was some cheerful message to declare that 2022 will bring the end of all our COVID worries and will see us return to were we left off in December 2019. That will not happen.

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  • Tourism in Action: Daniel Gschwind (November)

    Despite the continued uncertainty, we are sticking with the good news of the imminent state border opening on 17 December. Omicron may throw another twist into the COVID story but we have known for some time that with new variants or not, we will have to ‘live with it’. That will also mean to build up some immunity to the panicked reactions of media to any global news and we have to support measured and calm local policy responses. Queensland is in a very good position to stay on the recovery track – the tourism industry as well as the community needs to rebuild.

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  • Tourism in Action: Daniel Gschwind (October)

    This state of origin contest matters more than any other.

    For a state so obsessively focused on coming out on top of NSW and other states when it comes to sporting contests, we should transfer that fighting spirit to matching it with the rest of Australia when it comes to COVID vaccination rates. Disappointingly, Queensland is not making the grade at the moment, lagging behind almost at the bottom of the table. Finally, the state government has given us what we had been calling for months: a roadmap out of isolation and towards a more sustainable tourism future. We will continue to work with the federal and state governments to map out the necessary operational details of getting our industry and your businesses going again.

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  • Tourism in Action: Daniel Gschwind (September)

    Going with the good news first: today we celebrate the UN World Tourism Day. You may not be in the mood for celebration just yet, but it does not hurt to use the occasion to reflect on some positives for our industry. The theme for the global event this year is Tourism for Inclusive Growth, a reminder of just how powerful tourism is as an agent for positive outcomes. Not just as an economic powerhouse but as a driver of social inclusion, regional employment, cultural and heritage protection, environmental sustainability and also health and wellbeing. We should be proud of how businesses, large and small, are genuinely contributing to a better world. ‘Travel for good’, a recent theme of TEQ’s efforts, is a reflection of this and can have real meaning and substance behind it. We have used the theme of World Tourism Day to launch our new Accessible Tourism module under our Quality Tourism Framework, a national program of the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC). More details of this new program can be found below.

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  • Tourism in Action: Daniel Gschwind (August)

    It is, of course, a relief that some COVID-restrictions in Queensland are being eased, in response to the low, or zero, infection rate in our state.   However, this still offers only limited relief for tourism operators across the state, as long as most interstate visitors are locked out and fears of future restrictions keep consumers from committing to travel even within Queensland.  The situation for many businesses has further deteriorated and with the outlook for the September holidays still bleak; a growing number of operators are reaching the end of the line.

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  • Tourism and Hospitality Call for Urgent Crisis Support

    The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) has issued an urgent plea to the Commonwealth Government to extend the current eligibility of the COVID-19 Disaster Payment to employees of tourism and hospitality businesses in locations outside the locked down areas.
    QTIC Chief Executive Daniel Gschwind said, “Our recent communications with operators paint a bleak picture of the current state of business and the immediate, to long term economic outlook for the sector.

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  • Tourism in Action: Daniel Gschwind (July)

    As our industry keeps getting tossed about on a sea of uncertainty caused by cyclone COVID, a distant lighthouse has appeared, guiding us to the Olympics in 2032. That is indeed good news and we are genuinely excited by the prospects ahead.

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  • FCB Article: Managing Underperforming Employees

    By Ceri Hohner, Senior Associate at FCB Workplace Law

    Managing employees is time-consuming and can distract you from running your business. When you are required to manage an employee who is consistently underperforming, this additional work can quickly transform your day from manageable to manic. Here’s a refresher on managing difficult employees in a way which reduces your risk, and helps to focus on workforce productivity.

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  • Queensland on the path to Olympic Greatness

    With the International Olympic Committee’s decision today, Queensland embarks on an exhilarating journey towards hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) is ecstatic with the announcement and what it will mean for the tourism industry.

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  • Driving Change for First Nations Tourism – NAIDOC Event

    The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) held a NAIDOC Corporate Breakfast, in the Year of Indigenous Tourism, this morning which sold out with over 350 tourism and corporate leaders in attendance.

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