QTIC are offering trainers and assessors the opportunity to participate in a SIT Validation Workshop with local employers. The workshop will provide an opportunity for you to speak with local employers and validate your Training and Assessment Strategies and/or Assessment Instruments (time permitting).
The Standards for Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 2015 (Standards) require RTOs to conduct “ongoing systematic validation of assessment practices and judgments” for each training product on their scope of registration.

What is the QTIC Validation Workshop?

  • It is extremely important that students studying Vocational Education and Training in cookery, hospitality and tourism are trained using relevant industry information to ensure that they are employable in their field upon graduation. 
  • To ensure that training providers, such as RTOs and high schools are using current and industry relevant learning and assessment material. 
  • The Validation Workshop gives RTOs and schools the opportunity to speak with representatives from industry to validate their Training and Assessment Strategies.

Upcoming Validation Workshop details:

When: Monday 19 August 2019
            1pm - 4pm

Where: Emporium Hotel South Bank
             267 Grey St, South Brisbane


For more information, please contact our Workforce Development team on 07 3236 1445 or industrydevelopment@qtic.com.au