The QTIC Tourism & Hospitality Best Practice Guide provides guidelines for tourism industry employers on how to recruit, train and create an engaged and motivated workforce so that your customers receive great service and that your investments in staff will last over a longer term because of better staff retention.

Many small business owners do not have a HR department to provide all the forms and assistance with people management, so this booklet contains 17 practical forms, templates and tools that most tourism employers could pick up and apply with only a few minor changes to customise them to your business.

The suggestions in this booklet have been compiled by drawing on the findings of research into current workforce strategies and opportunities specific to Queensland tourism industry employers and employees. Our industry partners have also added suggestions based on research findings from other jurisdictions and best practice strategies which are used to good effect by employers in other industries.

Although the booklet is mainly aimed at small to medium sized businesses which typically do not have a specialised HR department, the practices suggested here are equally applicable for organisations of all sizes and from various businesses within the tourism sector.

This booklet is organised around the employment life cycle, starting with getting the foundations right before you even recruit and select staff, making sure new staff have a very positive experience in their first few months, then moving on to discuss ideas for improving engagement and motivation over the longer term.

This document was commissioned us, and prepared by Norton Rose Fullbright, and BDO. We would like to acknowledge Human Recruitment Solutions for their contribution to the development of this guide. This document has been developed with the support of the Queensland Government.