Industry Intelligence

QTIC holds two VET Industry Advisory Organisation (VETIAO) Services Agreements with the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training for the provision of Industry Intelligence related to Tourism, Hospitality and Events. Services provided under the agreements include:
  • Consultation with industry to assess the effectiveness and suitability of the current Annual VET Investments Plan’s program outcomes for industry
  • Identify and validate immediate training and skills priorities for industry and the related training packages
  • Support implementation of the quality framework
  • Enable established industry networks
  • Provide advice from industry on VET related activity, programs and opportunities to the Department and to industry

Industry Consultations

Grants and Funding Applications

Tailored and up-to-date information on funding programs is available through the our Grants Gateway, a free service for our members. Non-members can access the resource for $85 inc. GST. 

We can apply for funding and grants on behalf of industry and Registered Training Organisation. Please complete the documents below or contact our Workforce Development team on 07 3236 1445 or