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Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) is the peak industry body for tourism in Queensland, acting as “The Voice of Tourism”. We’re a not-for-profit, private sector, membership-based organisation representing the interests of Queensland’s tourism and hospitality industry.

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Why join us?

We can never take for granted that tourism will receive the recognition it requires from governments and other stakeholders to ensure continued growth, performance and profitability in the industry. To engage the tourism industry in all decision processes that shape our future, businesses need an effective and united voice.

QTIC provides that service. We need your membership support to build our capacity to speak up for you, at all levels of government.
We operate a number of industry projects, business support initiatives and award programs to facilitate the growth of tourism in Queensland.  View a summary of our projects and business support via the QTIC Projects and Business Support Programs flyer at the bottom of this page.

QTIC is dedicated to: 

  • promoting a wider understanding of hospitality, tourism and events as major activities that contribute substantially to the economic and social well-being of the State;
  • uniting Queensland’s tourism industry;
  • advocating policies and initiatives that are responsive to the needs of tourism and related industries with federal, state and local governments and their agencies’ programs;
  • assisting in the promotion and development of quality experiences for visitors;
  • developing and presenting unified policy positions and encouraging the adoption of regional and national policies that facilitate travel for visitors;
  • promoting a profitable and professional hospitality and tourism industry in Queensland; and
  • promoting, undertaking and disseminating research and information relating to the business of hospitality and tourism.

QTIC Membership Types

View the various QTIC membership investment levels available to individuals and businesses.

Who are QTIC’s members?

Tourism and hospitality is everybody’s business. There are few sectors of the community that do not derive a benefit from tourism. QTIC members include: hospitality businesses; events; accommodation providers; wineries; restaurateurs; airlines; retailers; tour operators; legal accountancy and other professional firms; attractions; developers; training providers; local government and travel agents. Importantly, Queensland’s sectoral tourism associations and Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO’s) are also members, providing a vital link to all parts of Queensland.  We also welcome local councils and other government agencies involved in the development of tourism.

How your business will benefit from QTIC membership

1. Influence

Tourism operators are affected by a large range of government policies, laws and regulations. The future of our industry is influenced in no small measure by decisions that governments and government agencies make – occasionally without recognising the impact such decisions may have on our industry. Tourism must remain vigilant and continuously present its case in every policy industry, QTIC maintains a consistent and credible industry presence at every level of government. Want to know more? Review the information available on our website in the section titled Advocacy & Industry Policy.

2. Business Improvements and Support

QTIC supports business growth, assists operators in addressing development challenges and identifies new opportunities for the industry. We work to address statewide and sectoral issues and respond to meet the growing and diverse needs of our members, including individual operators, Regional Tourism Organisations, sector associations and other stakeholders including government agencies. Want to know more? Read our Projects and Business Support Programs Summary below or visit our website page for Sustainable Businesses.

3. Employment Solutions

QTIC is the Skills Alliance for Queensland's tourism, hospitality and caravanning sector. Our role involves building strategic and local partnerships with industry and employers, engaging with all relevant stakeholders and ensuring access to the best possible skilling and employment solutions for businesses and staff, when they need them. Want to know more? Read our Projects and Business Support Programs Summary below or visit our website page for Workforce Capacity.

4. Queensland Tourism Awards

The Queensland Tourism Awards judging is coordinated by QTIC and involves a panel of 18 judges and a Chairperson.  The benefits of entering the tourism awards are not just confined to winners. By addressing the business-focused criteria in each category, operators put themselves through a rigorous process of self-analysis that supports their business planning and provides an accurate record of their business performance each year.  Want to know more? Read our Projects and Business Support Programs Summary below, visit the Queensland Tourism Awards page or the Queensland Tourism Awards website.

5. Networking and Events

QTIC organises a range of events, from major lunches and dinners to exclusive boardroom lunches and topic specific functions with presentations from Ministers, business leaders and tourism and hospitality experts.  Through these events, we are able to offer networking opportunities and provide direct and effective input into government policy development. Want to know more? Read our Projects and Business Support Programs Summary below review the networking opportunities listed at QTIC Events.

6. Information and News

Information dissemination is a key benefit of membership. With a monthly eNewsletter, provision of presentations, reports and workshops on significant issues, QTIC members are better informed on market trends and issues affecting their business and are therefore more competitive in the market place. Want to know more? Read the latest industry news and QTIC information at QTIC News, review QTIC's official Media Releases, or connect with QTIC's social media channels on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook (Queensland Tourism Awards).  

Privacy Policy

Where you choose to contact us and provide your personal details, we will collect personally identifiable information for the purpose of communicating with you. This information may be kept on file (hard copy and/or electronic) for future reference. View our Privacy Policy or contact us to request copies of our Privacy Policy on (07) 3236 1445, email or write to Queensland Tourism Industry Council, C/- Office Manager, PO Box 13162, George Street QLD 4003.