COVID Safe Industry Approved Plan-11 March Updates

Please see for all plans, checklists and latest advice relating to COVID-19 in Queensland.

For details regarding easing of restrictions effective 1am 13 March-please click here.

A critical element for businesses to navigate their way through the current COVID challenges is the capacity to offer services and experiences in a safe and sustainable way, compliant with expectations of governments and re-assuring for our customers.

QTIC has worked with diverse industry stakeholders, health professionals from Mater Health, Griffith University and the Queensland Government to prepare a suite of resources to assist tourism, hospitality and events businesses to be ready and compliant. By implementing the principles of safe operations in each business we can keep customers and staff safe and ensure a speedy recovery of our industry and our economy.

We need to ensure that our industry can protect and maintain the status of all regions in Queensland as safe destinations to travel and live in.  All tourism and accommodation businesses must be part of this effort.  

The guiding principles for businesses to consider and implement can be found in the 

Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Industry COVID safe Business Plan 
(this is the current APPROVED plan for industry).

Please see also:


Queensland Industry Framework for Safe Events (this will link you to the Queensland Government website where the plan is updated regularly)

March 2021- A template has been produced to assist operators to produce a COVID safe Event. Please click here for access to event template.

Events may proceed in Queensland in accordance with either:

  • the COVID Safe Event Checklist
    • Indoor events with fewer than 500 people per day and outdoor events with fewer than 1500 people per day
  • an approved COVID Safe Event Plan prepared and submitted by the event organiser
    • Indoor events with 500 to 10,000 people per day and outdoor events with 1,500 to 10,000 people per day (approval by your local Public Health Unit required)
    • Indoor and outdoor events with more than 10,000 people per day (approval by the Chief Health Officer required)
    • Multi-day events which involve onsite accommodation with shared facilities, regardless of the number of people attending per day.

Queensland Industry Framework for Safe Events Industry Update from 1am 13 March 2021

The planned event must be hosted in accordance with the following conditions:

  • For outdoor events which are 500 people or less, an event checklist will no longer be required
  • For outdoor events which are between 500 – 1499, an event checklist will be required 
  • The number of attendees at multi-day events with a camping component will be limited only by standard regulatory requirements for safe operation. 



Additional Resources

To demonstrate to consumers that your business is prepared to keep them safe, the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) has put in place a logo and online check list called COVID clean. 

The check list has been adapted by QTIC for Queensland to be compliant with state-specific requirements and the Queensland Tourism and Hospitality Business Principles.

Please note, there are some MANDATORY requirements in place:

  • Any workplace needs a Workplace Health and Safety Plan for managing COVID-19 in accordance with mandatory guidelines enforced by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. This Plan must be made available as requested by the appropriate authorities.
  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, RSL clubs and hotels, beauty therapists and nail salons are required to put all staff through mandatory COVID Safe training. Details here.
    (COVID SAFE training is mandatory for high risk industries (dining in restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, RSL clubs and hotels, and beauty therapists and nail salons) and must be undertaken within two weeks of re-opening. Please register here.
  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, RSL clubs and hotels also need a COVID Safe Checklist for dining in.


  • For business continuity, federal government support and tips to keep your business financially viable, please click here. 

  • For state government up to date information that covers the roadmap, health information, health directives and general help click here. 

  • For FAQ on the QLD government Covid site click here. 

  • For Queensland Government resources on COVID Safe Business Planning click here. 

  • For the Australian Department of Health – Healthdirect Coronavirus Symptom Checker click here. 

  • For workplace psychological health considerations click here. 

  • For what to do if a worker has COVID-19 click here. 

  • For the COVIDSafe phone app click here.

  • For Queensland health updates click here. 

  • Additional support such as printable posters can be found here.
  • Qld border pass information please click here


Additional helpful Training 

  • Eligible businesses that have registered for the QTIC micro-credentialing program can access further COVID-19 training. For more information, please visit here.