Camp and Adventure accreditation is designed to ensure that residential camping and outdoor experiences are conducted in a manner where the safety of staff and participants is assured.

Accreditation signals that proper activity equipment is provided and used in a safe manner. It ensures there are clear procedures for supervising campers and that proper planning has been done to manage emergencies should they arise. Accreditation sends a strong message to consumers and the tourism industry that safety is a top priority for the accredited business. 


Your stamp of recognition! 

Businesses that achieve accreditation gain license to display the official Camp and Adventure Accredited Business badge to use across their own marketing channels. The nationally recognised emblem identifies a business as an operation that complies with the highest quality and safety standards.


Register for the accreditation program

Businesses holding accreditation through the Quality Tourism Accreditation (QTAB) program can register and commence the Camp and Adventure accreditation at any time via the online Quality Tourism Australia portal

To discuss the accreditation program and how your business can get involved, contact QTIC's Accreditation team at