How does the Risk Management program work?

Developing a comprehensive risk management plan can be daunting for many businesses.

The Risk Management program, accessed online via the Quality Tourism Framework, is a user-friendly program that identifies and assesses the likelihood and consequence of risks specific to your business.

After completion of the online tool, a personalised Risk Assessment is generated for your business. The assessment first prioritises risks and outlines their impact. The assessment then identifies preventive and control measures a business can take to minimise the risk occurrence, followed by steps to take should the risk ever occur.

For more information, download or view the Risk Management program guide today. 


Success stories

Disaster can happen to anyone. Queensland operators, BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, have had their business impacted on several occasions by extreme weather events.

Their story shares the importance of crisis management and how it helped their business respond quickly and recover effectively.


Register for the Risk Management program

Businesses holding accreditation through the Star Ratings program or Sustainable Tourism program can register and commence the Risk Management program at any time via the online Quality Tourism Australia portal

To discuss the Risk Management program and how your business can get involved, contact QTIC's Accreditation team at