Each year there are billions of dollars provided in grants. All levels of government – federal, state and local – distribute grants, as do many philanthropic and community foundations, some other not-for-profit organisations, and some businesses.

The QTIC Grants Gateway provides a curated list of available funding grants and programs across Australia that are relevant to businesses in the tourism industry in Queensland – we have started the sorting for you!

Grants vary greatly from funder to funder and from program to program – one program may have only a couple of hundred dollars to give away; another, tens of thousands or millions.

Grants also differ in who is eligible for the money, how they go about picking the 'winners', and what they ask of grantees in return for their cash.

See the information you need first – What is it for? Who is eligible? How much is available? When does it close? The Grants Gateway provides a snapshot of each grant so you can quickly assess whether it suits you or not.

How to Access the QTIC Grants Gateway

The Grants Gateway is a FREE resource for current financial QTIC Members (if you aren't already, please log in to your QTIC Member account to discover what the Grants Gateway has to offer).

Non-members who wish to gain access to the Grants Gateway can email: memberships@qtic.com.au to setup an account.

The Grants Guide

The Grants Guide was developed to provide businesses with information and advice for Queensland tourism businesses and associations on accessing and applying for grants.

More Information

We do not offer grants. Questions about grant application content and funding programs listed within the QTIC Grants Gateway should be directed to the relevant financial institutions or organisations.

For more information about accessing the QTIC Grants Gateway, please contact our Business Support team on 07 3236 1445 or accounts@qtic.com.au

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