The importance of Indigenous tourism


For over 20 years, QTIC has been promoting and supporting Queensland's Indigenous tourism sector. By working closely with First Nations business operators, Traditional Owners, government bodies, and communities across the state, QTIC has spent two decades advocating for a strong Indigenous presence within Queensland tourism. 

Through the establishment of projects such as the Indigenous Employment Champions Network, the Employee Network, and the First Nations Tourism Plan, QTIC has led the way in progressing our state's Indigenous tourism industry. 

QTIC's steadfast support of First Nations tourism stems from an understanding of the critical importance in providing authentic cultural experiences for guests on Country. In recent years, the consumer appetite for cultural experiences has grown significantly, and as home to the world's oldest living culture, Queensland is poised to be a world leader in delivering rich cultural visitor experiences. 

Currently, Indigenous tourism experiences account for 2 million visitors to Queensland each year, with 12% of all international visitors to our state participating in First Nations activities and events, contributing to the annual $5.8 billion that Indigenous tourism generates worldwide. 

Whilst the significant dollar value identifies the extent of the opportunity in promoting Indigenous tourism, QTIC's commitment to First Nations tourism extends far beyond the bottom line. 

Promoting cultural experiences for our guests on Country is an important step towards honouring the rich history of our state. By sharing Indigenous stories, experiences and histories with both domestic and international consumers, our tourism industry and First Nations operators can assist in promoting a wider understanding of First Nations culture and of our country. Every beach, desert or forest vista, the very biodiversity that we appreciate and share as a tourism experience, is the direct product of thousands of years of Indigenous management. 

Event Subsidy program

Our Indigenous Tourism Event Subsidy program, supported by the Queensland Government, has been extended into 2022.

If there’s a relevant tourism trade event that you, or your employees, would like to attend, consider applying for this subsidy today!

Consideration will be given to events that are relevant to the individual/business and provide opportunity to grow professional networks by engaging with potential partners, investors and business operators alike.

All applicants must identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, reside in Queensland and be involved in the tourism industry.

To find out more, or apply, read below:


Tourism Grants for Indigenous Businesses

The Tourism Grants for Indigenous Business funding Round 2 is currently open to applicants, with grant applications closing 14 June 2022. 

This grant round supports Indigenous-owned tourism businesses and Indigenous-owned community organisations to plan for or grow their tourism businesses within the tourism sector. Click here for more information.

Promoting First Nations suppliers

QTIC is committed to supporting First Nations people and culture, and would like to expand our supplier network to incorporate more First Nations businesses. We would like to engage with small to medium sized First Nations businesses on a regular basis across a number of our projects in the future.

Particular areas of interest include:

  • Event photography 
  • Graphic design and media 
  • Printing 
  • Corporate gifts 
  • Authentic artefacts  
  • Catering 
  • Venues 
  • Welcome to Country representation  
  • Cultural Awareness Training 
  • Artists 
  • Traditional Dance Groups 
  • Consultants 

If you would like to nominate your business, or recommend another, please complete this EOI form and send it through to our Indigenous Programs Manager, Rhonda Appo at or on 3236 1445.