What You Can Do

Queensland’s tourism industry has experienced its fair share of challenges, from severe weather, to global pandemics, and unexpected changes to transport systems that have a dramatic effect on businesses – especially in peak season. 

It is for these reasons that we strongly encourage all tourism and hospitality operators to prepare ahead of time for disasters in order to boost their resilience. 

The Queensland Government has a range of resources available to help:

Our Role

We can and do play an important role advising government of our industry needs when activating an enacting disaster management and industry recovery plans in the the event of a natural disaster. We can relay critical information about the needs of those affected (the industry's businesses and our visitors) directly to government, policy makers and disaster response teams to ensure our members have the support they need.

If you are affected by a natural disaster we will aim to ensure that you are connected with the resources and assistance available to assist you in recovery.

When the time is right we will utilise our media and news networks to encourage visitors to support the Queensland tourism industry.