Tourism and hospitality - Fundamental skills for a new decade

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) endorsed micro-credentials offers alternative current skilling solutions that provides direct benefit to tourism and hospitality businesses, and their workforce. 

The program aims to provide an opportunity to support changing workplaces by enabling the provision of focused training in specific skills to better support employees and businesses to adopt innovations and improved productivity.

Retain staff using the assign training feature that means that you'll easily be able to introduce staff learning and development to create a strong work culture that will help reduce your staff turnover. 

The top courses completed by industry sector:    

Accomodation Attraction Events Food and Drink Tours
COVID-19 responsibility & service tips  Food safety and hygiene  Rostering management  Guest experience fundamentals  COVID-19 responsibility & service tips 
Housekeeping applications  Guest experience fundamentals  Introduction to leadership  Introduction to leadership  WHS - Manual handling 
Housekeeping principles  Front desk upselling  Guest experience fundamentals  Effective communication with staff  Introduction to leadership 
Front desk upselling  COVID-19 responsibility & service tips  Kitchen leadership for executive chefs  Effective communication with staff  WHS - Personal protective equipment 
COVID-19 hygiene & cleaning practices for service staff Effective communication with staff  Workplace bullying and harassment  Workplace bullying and harassment WHS - Slips, trips & falls 
Food safety and hygiene fundamentals  Workplace bullying and harassment  Food safety and hygiene  Mise en place  Espresso coffee drinks 
Delivering passionate service  COVID-19 hygiene & cleaning practices for service staff COVID-19 responsibility & service tips Espresso coffee drinks  Customer (experiential) service 

TYPSY has developed four courses to help businesses mitigate the risks associated with COVID 19. 

The courses include:  

  • Service Practices During COVID 19 Recovery,  

  • COVID 19 Responsibility and Service Tips 

  • COVID 19 Hygiene and Cleaning Practices for Service Staff 

  • COVID 19 Business Restart for Managers 

What is a Micro-Credential?

On completion of each course learners will receive a QTIC endorsed Micro-credential. 

The courses are delivered online and include several bite-size videos (average 3 mins each) featuring industry experts. Each lesson is required to be watched in full for it to be deemed complete. 

On completion of all lessons the learner must successfully complete a quiz that focuses on the key learning outcomes from the course to achieve the digital ‘certification or credential’. The duration of an entire course varies from 30 minutes viewing time to a maximum of 60 minutes each. 

This new approach to industry led professional development is personalised and transferrable across sectors.

Available QTIC Endorsed Micro-Credentials

  • Customer (experiential) Service
  • Intro to Hospitality Management
  • Food Allergies
  • Kitchen Leadership for Executive Chefs
  • Rostering Management
  • Profit and Loss Essentials

Complimentary COVID-19 Course for registered businesses.

COVID-19 Responsibility and Tips:

Course Outcome:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry
  • Different ways to greet your customers while respecting social distancing
  • How to make your customers feel safe
  • Helpful tips during a pandemic crisis


  • COVID-19 responsibility & service tips
  • Responsibilities as an employee and in society
  • Service tips during COVID-19: in-venue
  • Service tips during COVID-19: takeaway
  • Service tips during COVID-19: delivery


QTIC Endorsed Micro-Credentials - Coming Soon

Three additional micro-credentials currently under development:
  • Customer (Experiential) Service

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Tourism and Travel Distribution Channels.

This Micro-Credentialing Pilots Program project is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government. 

Eligible businesses

Micro, small, and medium businesses across all sectors of the tourism industry are encouraged to participate. QTIC membership is not a pre-requisite.

A tourism business is defined as a business that provides a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist and operates within ONE of the following categories:

  • Accommodation
  • Attraction
  • Food and Drink
  • Events
  • Tour
  • Hire
  • Transport

Businesses that supply to tourism industry businesses are ineligible to participate in the QTIC Micro-Credentialing Program. 


Program eligibility


(a) Eligible  Participants to undertake the micro-credentials under this Agreement are employees of a tourism and hospitality business who:

i) are 15 years of age or over;

ii) no longer at school;

iii)  permanently reside in Queensland;

iv) are an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand citizen, or hold an eligible visa as identified by
           the Department at; or  meet any additional eligibility             requirements identified through this Program.

(b) The following individuals are NOT eligible Participants for this Agreement:

i) employees of government departments or government agencies;

ii) Apprentices and Trainees as defined in the Further Education and Training Act 2014; and

iii) all others that do not meet Participant Eligibility 4(a) of Appendix 2.