What is the Tourism Emissions Reduction program?

The Tourism Emissions Reduction program supports your business in developing an estimated carbon emissions report and an emissions reduction plan. Helping your business take meaningful, realistic action towards reducing emissions and achieving net zero industry targets. 

Recognise the actions your business is already taking to reduce or limit emissions by completing the program and make a Tourism Emissions Reduction Commitment that can be shared with visitors and industry. 


Your stamp of recognition! 

Businesses that achieve accreditation gain license to display the official Tourism Emissions Reduction Commitment badge to use across their own marketing channels. Your business will stand out to travellers and industry as a brand committed to sustainable operations. 


Register for the accreditation program

Businesses holding accreditation through the Sustainable Tourism program can register and commence the Tourism Emissions Reduction program at any time via the online Quality Tourism Australia portal

To discuss the accreditation program and how your business can get involved, contact QTIC's Accreditation team at accreditation@qtic.com.au.