'Ni Hao – China' Resource Kit

In partnership with the Management Institute of Australia, we have developed the 'Ni Hao – China' Resource Kit. 

The resource kit has been designed to support businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors as they move towards engaging more successfully with ever increasing numbers of Chinese travellers.

Making Chinese travellers feel welcome to our beautiful state is pivotal to enhancing the visitor experience. At the most basic level this involves providing consistent and excellent customer service, more Chinese speaking staff and improved Chinese signage.

Along with Australian tourism bodies at all levels, we acknowledge the increasing importance of attracting and successfully catering for visitors from China and its many regions.

The resource kit will help you understand the Chinese traveller, how to communicate with the Chinese traveller and general cultural awareness and how to engage with the Chinese traveller in a culturally sensitive manner. The resouce kit contains many resources that you can print and use immediately with your staff and Chinese visitors. Create your own unique “Ni Hao – China” resource file and keep it on hand to refer to when needed.

Queensland Asia Tourism Strategy 2016-2025

Developed by Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ), the Queensland Asia Tourism Strategy 2016-2025 has an aspirational goal of making Queensland the leading Australian destination in market share, reputation and experience delivery for Asian travellers, including Chinese visitors. This goal has the potential to deliver an increase in overnight visitor expenditure from Asian markets to $6.8 billion and support up to 30,000 additional jobs by 2025.

TEQ has also researched and developed fact sheets to improve your understanding of the Chinese traveller and your capacity to attract Chinese visitors. 

Visit teq.queensland.com/china for additional resources to help you become China ready.