Get help assessing your tourism industry innovation!

Does this sound like you?
Want to innovate, extend your business, or implement a new concept but don’t have the time to explore the potential of your idea?


If so...
The University of Queensland (UQ) has eager, emerging tourism experts who may be able to help! As part of their undergraduate degree, UQ Tourism and Hospitality students undertake a course in Entrepreneurship. As part of their assessment this year, course coordinator Dr Gabby Walters has designed a project that requires students to perform a feasibility analysis on a tourism-related innovation in a tourism or hospitality business. UQ is seeking up to 30 industry participants who would be interested in taking part in this initiative.

The students will commence work on their analysis in March and a full report will be provided to participating operators by the end of May 2019. The report will contain the following:

  • Market Analysis – Who is the perfect target market for your innovation?
  • Competitor Analysis – What is the competitive environment like and who are your key competitors?
  • Environmental Analysis – What are the current political, economic, social and/or technological forces that may support or hinder the success of your innovation?
Based on the above insight, students will provide recommendations as to the feasibility of your idea and its implementation.

What you have to do
Simply complete this form with details about your business and the innovation you have in mind and email it directly to Gabby at by Tuesday 19 February 2019.

You can also contact Gabby for more information.