We Want You! Young Professionals Mentoring Program

What is the Program?
QTIC’s Young Professionals Mentoring Program offers a competitive edge for employees working in the tourism and hospitality industry who are 35 years or younger. Participants gain professional development, knowledge and skills through the sharing of information and experience, matched with a senior industry professional.

How is it Done and What to Expect:
The program runs over a six-month period between February and July each year, with mentees meeting with their allocated mentors on a monthly basis. Meetings (either in person or online) between mentors and mentees are structured and provide the opportunity for relevant and individually tailored discussion topics and tasks.

Become a Mentor!
Are you an experienced professional who is passionate about the industry and gets a kick out of our helping others? If so, you could make an ideal mentor. Sharing knowledge and wisdom, accumulated over the years is a rewarding experience. Mentees relish the chance to ask questions, seek advice and enjoy the support of someone who has already walked down a similar career pathway. To register your interest in becoming a mentor, please contact the program manager Natasha at – natasha.montesalvo@qtic.com.au

Become a Mentee!
Are you keen to learn from a more experienced professional who can help achieve your career goals? If so, learn more about becoming a mentee.

Eligibility Criteria for Mentees:
• Must be 35 years old or younger.
• Have worked at least 12 months (full or part time) in the tourism/hospitality industry.
• Employed with a current financial QTIC member OR be a student completing your final year of studies with a current QTIC member training institution.
• Have approval from employer or training institution to participate in the program.
The 2020 Young Professionals Mentoring Program is now open for registration and applications.
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