Creating a Stronger Indigenous Tourism Future

The Indigenous Working Group responsible for guiding the implementation of the First Nations Tourism Plan is maintaining the momentum to create a stronger Indigenous tourism future. Cameron Costello, QTIC Deputy Chair and CEO of QYAC, chairs this group and is keen to progress this much-anticipated work even during the COVID-19 crisis.

“It is now even more important than before to build a better path for Indigenous aspirations in tourism to be made a reality. Queensland has an enormous opportunity to tap into the skills, knowledge and culture of Indigenous Queenslanders,” Mr Costello said.

“This crisis will bring more focus on what we have to offer locally, on what is important to our visitors and what brings us together as people.”

“The Plan developed by Indigenous stakeholders over the last year is the prompt for real action and real progress.”

“It is an honour to be part of the working group alongside Indigenous colleagues, selected for their high-level skills, diverse industry experience and regional knowledge. Each member brings extensive industry experience ranging from national park management, festivals and events, the arts, cultural tourism, hospitality and accommodation and law.”

Mr Costello said, that with COVID-19 impacting all of our businesses, there is a real risk of setting back the Indigenous tourism sector in Queensland.

“The working group has already commenced its advocacy to State and Federal government and industry for immediate and longer-term assistance for Indigenous tourism.”

The Working Group will continue to work with community, government and industry to drive the actions of the First Nations Tourism Plan in a timely, collaborative and respectful manner.

The First Nations Tourism Plan is the first of its kind for Queensland and was developed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people to guide the sustainable growth of First Nations Tourism across the State.

The Queensland Government has been a very supportive partner in this work, declaring 2020 as Year of Indigenous Tourism and agreeing to make available a multi-million dollar grant program for Indigenous tourism businesses.

Indigenous Working Group members are:

· Cameron Costello, QYAC

· Dale Mundraby/Dewayne Mundraby, Yarrabah

· Justine Dillon, Gold Coast

· Willie Enoch Tranby, CaPTA Group

· Anthony McAvoy, Senior Council

· Darrell Harris, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

· Fraser Nai, Masig Island

· David Hudson, Didgeralia, Cairns

· Josh Hanley/Kedea Atherton Accor Group

· Preston Campbell/Kyel Dancey, Preston Campbell Foundation

· Suzanne Thompson, YACHATDAC

· Chern’ee Sutton, Indigenous Artist

· Shannon Ruska, Tribal Experiences