• Queensland State Budget: What it means for tourism

    The 2022-23 Queensland Government Budget was handed down yesterday and includes a broad range of funding commitments to support the growth of our tourism industry. 
  • Making history - Launching the Queensland First Nations Tourism Council

    To facilitate the development of Indigenous tourism in Queensland, QTIC is pleased to announce the formation of the Queensland First Nations Tourism Council (QFNTC).
  • Tourism in Action: A word from Daniel Gschwind (April)

    At the end of next week, I will step down from my role here at the QTIC. After more than 21 years with this organisation, it will be quite a change for me. The organisation, on the other hand, will continue to serve its members and the industry with the same dedication and commitment as it always has. We have an outstanding staff, with the skills and compassion to continue supporting our members, our other stakeholders and all parties who contribute to this extraordinary industry.

  • Tourism in Action: A word from Daniel Gschwind (February)

    I am not sure when the time will finally come for us to write an unconditionally positive message at the top of our newsletter. I for one cannot wait. We thought we were finally getting to that point and cheerfully joined the team at Brisbane International Airport and Assistant Minister Michael Healy to welcome the first plane load of arrivals under quarantine-free international travel conditions. And a momentous occasion it was, after almost two years, to see some activity in the international arrivals hall.
  • Tourism in Action: A word from Daniel Gschwind (January)

    It has not been quite the start to 2022 we had in mind. After a very positive Christmas and New Year period, most tourism and hospitality businesses have found themselves in a doubly difficult set of circumstances. Not only have many consumers gone back into some self-imposed, quasi-lock down mode; what business was still on offer has been difficult to service at full capacity for operators, with staff either sick or at home as close contacts.