Queensland State Budget: What it means for tourism

The 2022-23 Queensland Government Budget was handed down yesterday and includes a broad range of funding commitments to support the growth of our tourism industry. 
The budget included a $66.4 million investment response to the independent Towards 2032 - Action Plan for Tourism Recovery, which was released yesterday and sets out 75 key recommendations to government to ensure the longer-term success of our industry. The State Budget also included a much-needed $262.5 million investment in Protected Areas. 

The following is an outline of key budget measures that impact our tourism and hospitality sector. Please note that the summary is not a comprehensive list of government funding commitments.

Tourism, hospitality, and events

For our industry to rebound and meet tomorrow’s visitor expectations, we rely on investment to develop major event attractions, and establish unique products and calendar events. We're pleased to see that government has committed funding to the development of uniquely Queensland tourism products and events. 

Breakdown of key budget numbers
  • $66.4m over 4 years (from 2021-22) for tourism recovery and development initiatives (with $4m held centrally), which includes: $4m over 2 years for First Nations tourism; $20m over 3 years for Queensland Music Trails; $15m over 2 years for Tourism Experience Development Fund; $5m for new Activate Ecotourism program in partnership with the private sector; and $22m for priority ecotourism and cultural attractions, including rebuilding Binna Burra lodge support.
  • $186.1m additional funding over 4 years to support Stadiums Queensland activities.
  • $59.3m over 4 years, with $4.7m per annum ongoing from 2026-27 for Brisbane 2032 Taskforce
  • $10.5m over 3 years (from 2023-34) for Events Sponsorship Fund

Arts and culture

As consumer sentiment for cultural products grows, it’s essential that our state remains competitive by tapping into this expanding market. Funding is needed to invest in new and revitalised products to bring Queensland’s rich and authentic culture to the fore. We have a lot to offer visitors and it’s important that we receive the funding needed to present our state as a go to destination for cultural experiences.
Breakdown of key budget numbers
  • $12.8m over 6 years towards Screen Queensland - Far North Queensland Studio.
  • $50m over 4 years for Grow 2022-2026 delivery (second action plan of Creative Together 2020-2030: A 10 Year roadmap for arts, culture and creativity in Queensland).
  • $2m to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre to support continued growth of First Nations and digital initiatives.
  • $4.4m over 4 years additional funding. $1.1m per annum ongoing to Queensland Cultural Centre - Capital Works, Asset Upgrades and Refurbishment Projects.

Business and workforce

Our tourism operators and businesses have contributed significantly to Queensland’s economy and its recovery. Now more than ever, our operators are reliant on governments to help unlock the potential of small and medium-sized businesses.
Breakdown of key budget numbers
  • $150m over 10 years funding for Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2022-2032.
  • $39.1m over 4 years, with $12.6m per annum ongoing for small business support.
  • $10.1m over 4 years, with $3.2m per annum ongoing for Queensland Small Business Commissioner.
  • $2.9m over 2 years (from 2021-22) to continue the COVID-19 Small Business Financial Counselling Service and the Queensland Tourism Business Counselling Service.

Education and training

Queensland businesses depend on investment in future skills and training to create an environment where employment can grow, and consumer demand is met. To rebuild our industry and allow businesses to thrive, QTIC has made the education and training of our workforce a key priority within our advocacy.  

Breakdown of key budget numbers
  • $19.6m for education and training, including TAFE services across Queensland.
  • $100.6m in additional funding over 2 years for Training and Future Skills Investment

Environment and sustainability

Investment in Queensland’s environment has been a hallmark of QTIC’s advocacy over the last two decades. Our state has a natural advantage in attracting visitors, and it’s important that we leverage off our exceptional natural assets and climate. Funding for the protection and sustainable use of our natural assets must remain a top priority.

Breakdown of key budget numbers
  • $2.5m over 3 years for continuation of the Great Barrier Reef Education Experience program. 
  • $18.5m over 4 years, with $1.2m per annum ongoing for joint management with First Nations peoples in the Cape York Peninsula National Park. 
  • $12.5m over 4 years, with $3.1m per annum ongoing for the continuation of Protected Area Strategy 2020-2030
  • $6.9m over 4 years, with $1.5m per annum ongoing for continuation of the Community Sustainability Action Grants Program
  • $5m over 3 years additional funding for local government sustainability initiatives. 
  • $2.9m over 5 years, with $628k per annum ongoing to support upgrades and maintenance in the Protected Area Estate. 
  • $32.6m over 4 years, with $4.8m per annum ongoing for accelerating climate action.
  • $964.2m over 5 years for Queensland's Resource Recovery Sector Transformation


Investment in infrastructure is critical in supporting business viability and competitiveness and ensuring that our world-class visitor experiences are accessible and attractive. QTIC has stressed the importance of improving and investing in infrastructure to ensure that our geographically dispersed state is connected and well positioned to meet future traveller demand.
Breakdown of key budget numbers
  • $5.3m over 2 years for the Maritime Infrastructure Program.
  • $14.2m (in 2025-26) for Long-term Transport Infrastructure Projects.


Investment in transport, access routes and aviation capacity is critical in guaranteeing that our state remains an efficient and competitive destination. Connecting visitors with both capital and regional destinations remains a high priority for QTIC and we will continue stressing the importance of transport infrastructure to government.

Breakdown of key budget numbers
  • $100m additional funding over 3 years for Attracting Aviation Investment Fund, matched dollar-for-dollar by industry (including Queensland’s largest 4 airports and Regional Tourism Organisations).  
  • $1.1m additional funding over 2 years for Assistance Package for Brisbane River Commercial Tourism Boat Operators. 
  • $21.2m over 4 years, with $5.5m per annum ongoing for maintenance and management of Gold Coast waterways access, connections and destinations. 
  • $27.2m over 4 years, with $11.7m per annum ongoing for Bus Services – Priority Investment for Patronage Growth
  • $6.7m in 2022-23 for Regional Urban Bus Base Budget Uplift.
  • $27.2m over 4 years, with $7.2m per annum ongoing for Taxi Subsidy Scheme