The QTIC Accessibility Self-Assessment Module is an online toolkit supporting your business in evaluating the accessibility of your visitor offerings. 

Discover opportunities for improvement and explore low-cost, high-impact initiatives that enhance the guest experience for visitors of all abilities.


How does the module work?

The module identifies accessible features currently available to guests within your business, while also detailing untapped initiatives to improve accessibility. 

The online toolkit provides businesses with personalised resources: 

  • An internal report highlighting a range of potential improvements. 

  • A tailored accessibility guide for guests, outlining the accessible provisions currently available to guests within a business. This helpful guide can be shared with visitors to help them make informed travel choices.  


Your stamp of recognition! 

Whether your business is advanced in its accessibility journey or just starting out, the online module recognises progress, not perfection, allowing businesses to promote their commitment to inclusivity while they work towards greater accessibility. 

As your business works through the module, you gain automatic license to display an accessible tourism badge. Making your brand easier to identify as an experience committed to achieving greater inclusion. 


Register for the module

Businesses holding accreditation through the Star Ratings or Quality Tourism Accreditation (QTAB) programs can register and commence the Accessibility Self-Assessment Module at any time via the online Quality Tourism Australia portal

To discuss the Accessibility Self-Assessment Module and how your business can get involved, contact QTIC's Accreditation team at

For more information, download or view the Accessibility Self-Assessment Module guide today.