2021 Policy Submissions
  • February 2021: QTIC supported the City of Gold Coast’s Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy draft plan, highlighting the importance of protecting the Gold Coast’s unique and valuable natural assets and infrastructure from coastal hazards and increased severe weather events, while maintaining tourism value. 

  • Great Barrier Reef (June 2021): With the first public hearing for the Environment and Other Legislation (Reversal of Great Barrier Reef Protection Measures) Amendment Bill 2021 officially concluded, QTIC has begun preparing a submission, accounting for the limited voluntary uptake of regulatory measures, the harmful perception of a ‘dead reef’ on the tourism industry, and the need for peer education and collaborative stewardship.  

  • Reimagining the visitor economy (June 2021): QTIC has made a formal submission in relation to the ‘Reimagining the visitor economy’ discussion paper released by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission. QTIC largely echoed the Australian Tourism Industry Council response, which advocated for industry-led, government enabled reform. The submission (viewable here) also serves as an aggregate of many key pre-existing QTIC strategies, promoting the national adoption of several programs and plans. 

  • Insurance for the tourism industry (June 2021): QTIC contributed the now-finalised and released Insurance Project report to the Treasury consultation paper for a ‘Reinsurance pool for cyclones and related flood damage’. 

  • 2021-2022 State Budget (June 2021): In response to the Queensland State Budget, QTIC has put together a summary of highlights and areas of concern for the tourism industry. As you can see here, the budget included some big wins for the workforce! 

  • Designing our tourism future (July 2021): QTIC has made a formal submission to the ‘Designing our tourism future’ consultation from the State Government, as part of the Queensland action plan for tourism recovery. As part of the submission process, QTIC was also invited to participate in one of the many face-to-face workshops, alongside industry leaders, government representatives, and tourism operators. 

  • Noosa Area Draft Management Plan (July 2021): QTIC responded to the proposed Plan, advocating for ecotourism accreditation via the Quality Tourism Framework, consideration of the Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan, and the need for ongoing partnerships between the community, government, and industry. 

  • Select Committee on Job Security (August 2021): QTIC responded to the Australian Senate inquiry relating to job security. The submission highlighted the severe impact of COVID-19 on businesses and employees, and reiterated QTIC’s commitment to advocacy on behalf of the sector.  

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