$3M to help rapidly-growing Queensland tourism industry stay competitive

The rapidly-growing Queensland tourism industry has just received a $3 million boost from the from the Queensland Government. 


The new industry-focussed Business Capability Program will give all operators the chance to access training and upskilling opportunities designed to help them improve their business operations, take advantage of new commercial opportunities and deliver quality visitor experiences. 

Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) Chief Executive Daniel Gschwind said the Business Capability Program was a welcome and worthwhile initiative. 

“Tourism is a tough, very competitive and global market, and it is only by continuously honing our skills that we can improve our competitiveness and further strengthen the Queensland tourism industry’s reputation,” Mr Gschwind said. 

“We appreciate that the government understands the importance of supporting not just the marketing of tourism in Queensland, but also the importance of building the quality businesses and services our industry needs to remain competitive.” 

The 2018-19 Business Capability Program priorities will include programs based around digital and trade development.  

"The programs will allow us to better support the tourism industry and will give the opportunity for staff, business owners and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry to hone some particular and in-demand skills,” Mr Gschwind said. 

Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones said the Business Capability Program would help sharpen the modern tools companies needed to successfully attract business. 

“The majority of tourism businesses are small businesses. We know how tough it is to provide quality training for staff when you run a small business,” Minister Jones said. 

“A strong digital presence is crucial when it comes to growing most tourism businesses. That’s why we’re investing in a program that will provide more training for tourism operators in areas like digital capacity and trade development. 

“Online marketing and booking systems are significant enablers for tourism operators and just one of the examples that will be included in the program. 

“We need to help these companies be more competitive, adaptive and resilient so visitors can enjoy a consistently high standard across the state.” 

The Business Capability Program is funded by the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and has been developed in consultation with QTIC, Tourism and Events Queensland and the Regional Tourism Organisations. 

“A successful tourism destination depends on the constructive partnership between industry and government, and the working relationship that exists between the government and QTIC continues to deliver many benefits to the industry," Mr Gschwind  said.

For more information about the Digital Ready and Trade Ready streams of the Business Capability Program, or to register your expression of interest, please visit www.qtic.com.au/programs