COVID-19 - Restarting, Transitioning and Resilience


This initiative was proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government through its Tourism Industry Business Capability Development Program.



COVID-19 has significantly disrupted many of the assumptions and tools that business leaders rely on for decision-making, and therefore a solid framework for action and moving forward is essential.  Four key business activities have been identified to help Queensland tourism businesses to prepare for reopening and to be competitive in a primarily domestic market for 2020/21 including: pivot products and innovation, develop trade and new distribution channels, and review and modify existing marketing and promotional strategies.  

1. COVID Reopening Preparation


Reopening in a COVID-19 context – Opportunity & Trade

  • Market, research, and analysis,
  • Understanding the customer,
  • Understanding the market,
  • Leveraging networks

Facilitated by Sofie Formica, tourism and media identity.
Delivered by Success Matrix. 

COVID Reopening Preparation - Supporting Information
COVID Reopening Preparation – Presentation



2. Pivoting Product and Innovation

  • Product, experience and/or service redesign, and innovation,
  • Domestic tourism ready,
  • Drive market,
  • Events.

Facilitated by Sofie Formica, tourism and media identity.
Delivered by Pinnacle Tourism Marketing

Pivoting Product and Innovation – Supporting Information
Pivoting Product and Innovation – Presentation


3. Domestic Trade and Distribution

  • Trade development, 
  • Packaging and bundling,
  • Distribution channels,
  • Contracting.

Facilitated by Sofie Formica, tourism and media identity.
Delivered by Parker Travel Collection

Trade and Distribution – Supporting Information
Trade and Distribution - Presentation


4. Domestic Marketing 

  • Planning,
  • Business development and promotions
  • Online engagement
  • Creating content and messaging.

Facilitated by Sofie Formica, tourism and media identity.
Delivered by Success Matrix

Domestic Marketing – Supporting Information
Domestic Marketing – Presentation


The following coaches were contracted to deliver the TIBCDP Coaching.

DR Tourism

DR Tourism provides Queensland tourism operators with a one stop shop solution for all things tourism marketing, experience development, trade distribution, digital marketing and more! Our team has an exceptional track record in delivering tourism focused coaching and mentoring solutions for Queensland, having delivered mentoring programs across Queensland in partnership with QTIC and Regional Tourism Organisations since 2015.

Our team is made up of passionate tourism professionals with a wide range of backgrounds to cater for all tourism mentoring needs. From backgrounds in State, Regional, and Local Tourism Organisations, to tourism operators, award winning hospitality venues and Local Government - we cater for all types of tourism and hospitality businesses in a style that is relaxed and fun, whilst focused on positive outcomes for your business!

DR Tourism also represents the marketing and experience development interests of numerous tourism businesses that have gone on to be recognised with tourism awards at a local, state and national level.


Pinnacle Tourism Marketing

Pinnacle Tourism Marketing is a company offering representative and consultative services to products within the tourism industry. Based in one of Australia’s most dynamic tourism regions, Tropical North Queensland, but with clients right through Australia, Pinnacle Tourism Marketing is focused on achieving results for products within its portfolio.

Over many years, Pinnacle Tourism Marketing has also been involved with a significant number of mentoring programs right through Australia. The company prides itself on demystifying the challenging and ever changing world of tourism distribution. No matter the size of the business, Pinnacle Tourism Marketing has demonstrated results in focusing businesses on new and emerging channels and giving them the tools to achieve tangible results. The company is well versed in the following:

  • Marketing representation in the Domestic, Inbound and Western Hemisphere International Markets
  • Engagement and development of products with Online Travel Agents (OTA’s)
  • Development of rates and contracts for trade partners
  • Marketing and strategic plans
  • Branding and collateral design
  • Campaign and development
  • Development and enhancement of social media channels

The principal of Pinnacle Tourism Marketing, Michael Nelson will be heading up the team working on the Tourism Industry Business Capability Development Program.


Parker Travel Collection

The Queensland tourism industry has experienced highs and lows over the past 20 years, and Parker Travel Collection (PTC) has helped tourism operators adapt and thrive in all conditions. With deep market and hands-on industry experience, PTC has successfully delivered practical solutions that help businesses maximise revenue from the tourism industry. PTC works with new and established businesses to tailor a tourism plan by:

  • Identifying new opportunities and developing current strengths
  • Providing pathways and partners in the domestic market to grow your business immediately and for the long term
  • Working with government and regional/state tourism organisations to maximise your exposure


Success Matrix

Success Matrix is all about practical solutions, personal guidance to create your strategic roadmap, with hints and tactics to help transform your guest experience for what your business and customer needs now, empowering you with practical tools and templates you can apply to your business, working with a team who provide real life & in-depth experience in the Queensland tourism marketplace.  Success Matrix is offering you a collaborative solution with Domestic and International tourism marketer, customer and product experience developer and trade expert Amanda Kruse teaming up with digital marketing guru Liz Ward and her team (Tourism Tribe) and destination marketing and events team at Krista Hauritz Tourism & Events giving you access to the right coach for your specific needs. Our team offers you a strong background in real-life experience of tourism ownership, operator management and destination marketing across Australia with years of hard earned wisdom and resilience developed through surviving natural, airline and economic crisis and the digital evolution, spanning over 30 years. Our bespoke training materials including MARKETING,TRADE, DIGITAL & EVENTS TOOLKITS ensure successful outcomes to maximise your potential, as we said, not just talk - practical tools for you and your team so they can immediately implement positive changes in your business matrix!


8 Seconds

8 Seconds is a boutique marketing studio owned and operated by the highly experienced and talented, Tolita Dukes. Tolita has been successfully delivering positive outcomes for clients in tourism, mining, transport, accommodation, hospitality and general small business for over 16 years with her trademark optimism, practical approach and positive attitude to every project.

Defined and differentiated by her authenticity, hands-on skills and genuine enthusiasm for her clients, Tolita continually delights and inspires clients by opening their eyes and the opportunities that a strategic marketing approach can deliver. 

While handling the full spectrum of marketing projects, as a tech and digital enthusiast, Tolita specialises in website development, social media, digital and e-marketing solutions through coordinated and strategic planning and implementation. 

Tolita delivers the magic that business owners crave when it comes to marketing. Sharing her online tools, social media techniques and hacks that provide clients with wins in increased business, greater customer engagement, efficiency and productivity. Coaching, enlightening and mentoring clients to handle their own campaigns to save time, money and achieve their aspirations through practical hands-on solutions. 

  • Strategic marketing planning and implementation
  • Specialist social media, digital and email marketing
  • Design, branding, image and collateral
  • Social media coaching and education.

Enthusiasm, engagement, enlightenment - Tolita Dukes provides businesses with the optimum balance of creativity and practicality with a refreshingly open, honest and direct approach. 

8 Seconds is time well spent.